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SkyCity Auckland: Stunning Designs

3 Nov, 2020

SkyCity Auckland Stunning Designs

Towers can be said to define the landscape. The Sky Tower perfectly defines the city of Auckland. The ubiquity of the Sky Tower has become a source of annoyance to some and a great source of pleasure to others. It is quite easy to understand the offence that some people feel since towers are naturally territorial as they intrude and do not hesitate to assert themselves.

Nevertheless, the fun is endless for those who have a special affinity for high-rise buildings and all the magic that goes into creating them. The SkyCity also influenced a lot of the best online casinos available in New Zealand with its fascinating designs. In this article, you will find facts about SkyTower design, SkyCity casino, and lots more as you read further.

SkyTower Auckland Design

Gordon Moller, a man of great physical height, is understandably into all things related to heights and vantage points. Gordon’s family lodge at Te Horo presents comes across immediately as more of a watchtower than a crib. Therefore, his preference as a designer of the tallest structure in New Zealand and the sixth-highest tower in the world has a touch of fortuity about it.

The architect’s main goal was to design a public vantage point. That, and creating a view that affords the viewer an experience of Auckland’s isthmus and as well as the two oceans that surround it were the primary goal. Despite its apparently volcanic geography, a clear view of the Pacific and the Tasman at a time is not one that the city allows.

It is a breathtaking view that can only be glimpsed from the Sky Tower’s 250m vantage point of its highest public outlook. But, not only is the view from up the tower, the only sight that defines the shape and glory of this city; the sight of the Sky tower itself is quite significant.

Auckland’s Sky tower boasts of a solid, flaring base that gives off the feel of a rocket ship ready for take-off than an anchor.

At the other part of the shaft, the look of a rocket ship was again reinforced by the easy running of the aluminium pod right into the shaft. Having this detail replaced with fins not only conquered the Thunderbirds issue but offered a smoother transition between the aluminium cladding and the concrete used in the shaft. Something that stands out as a design felicity of Sky Tower is the quite different definitions of the shaft and habitable areas.

In towers bearing designs similar to the Sky Tower’s, there is a strong tendency to soften the transitions between different levels most commonly, levels and shafts. However, Moller’s choice of firmer transitions is more preferable and is surely an appropriate choice of design for the bright, sea light of Auckland.

In general, the tower’s public and communication levels are enriched with a bunch of negative detail. On the other hand, the refuge and private communication levels are enclosed within the pod.

According to myth, Auckland city was originally a living area for giants. They were later supplanted and then replaced by fairies and humans afterwards. Sky Tower, standing like a pin in the very centre of the isthmus, restores the giant viewpoint to the modern city.

SkyCity Auckland Casino Design

SkyCity Auckland Casino is beautifully designed and open seven days a week to players looking for non-stop gambling and excitement. Judging from the architecture of the sky tower, you can tell that the casino is wrapped up in one breathtaking venue loaded with the world’s most famous casino games, great food, fantastic live entertainment and bar offerings.

Whatever your choice of casino game, the chances are that you will find it at SkyCity Auckland Casino. Casino game players can expect to see over 2,100 Gaming Machines and almost 150 Table Games at just about all levels of excitement.

SkyCity takes responsible gambling seriously; thus, players are encouraged to only gamble according to their pocket’s weight. Casino players must be aged 20 years or above to access the gaming segments at  SkyCity Auckland.

SkyCity Auckland Interesting Facts

  • It took thirty-two months to build Sky Tower
  • Sky Tower features three circular public observation levels, namely the Sky Deck, the Main Observation level and the Sky Café. People can get a 360-degree view of the Auckland city from these points.
  • The three glass-fronted elevators can carry 225 people to the observation levels every 15 minutes. The SkyCity elevators move at 18km per hour with the ride taking only 40 seconds
  • On a really clear day, you can have a view of approximately 82 kilometres from Sky Tower. That is precisely as far north as Leigh Peninsula, as far west as the Waitakere Ranges, as far east as Great Barrier Island, and also as far south as the Bombay Hills
  • In the year 2009, the record was finally broken for the swiftest run up the Sky Tower.
  • Sky Tower was constructed from nothing but high strength, high-performance concrete

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