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Perun 2 Mini LED Rechargeable Headlamp

8 April 2024

The perun 2 mini is a high-lumen rechargeable right-angle torch that gathers both red and white LED options. As an upgrade to the Perun mini, it has 18 percent longer battery capacity, providing a highest output of 1,100 lumens.

Its new red light glow function can be used to light your way. Equipped with a removable stainless steel pocket clip, it can be simply clipped to backpacks, pockets, and belts. This portable and compact light can also be used as a headlamp through the upgraded headband, meeting many lighting needs for work, outdoors, home, and much more.

Perun 2 Mini LED rechargeable headlamp torch

Perun 2 Mini LED Rechargeable Headlamp Features

Performance and battery life

The first thing to keep in mind when buying Perun 2 mini is its performance with a LED rechargeable headlamp. Anyway, the torch has a highest output of 1000 lumens, which is extremely bright for a torch of its size. You should look for a torch that has a high output, as it will give you with excellent visibility and permit you to view further in the dark.

Another vital factor to consider when buying Perun 2 mini is its long battery life. The torch is powered by a 16340 rechargeable battery, which gives a runtime of up to 10 days on the lowest settings. Anyway, you should look for a torch with long battery life, as it will permit you to use the torch for longer periods of time without having to recharge it.

TIR lens

The Perun 2 mini specs a TIR lens that generates a balanced and perfect beam pattern, which is best for outdoor activities like hunting, camping, and hiking. You should consider the beam pattern when buying a torch, as it can affect how well you can view in different conditions.

Max light intensity

With a peak intensity of 5,950, candela, the Perun 2 mini provides a targeted and intense beam, illuminating even distant objects with clarity. This high candela output make sure best visibility in low-light situations, making it perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, rescue and search missions. Whether performing tasks in the dark or navigating trails, this flashlight gives reliable illumination for various scenarios. Its concentrated beam improves efficiency and safety, permitting users to view farther and with greater detail.

Compatible batteries

The Perun 2 mini comes equipped with a customized 650mAh 3.6V IMR16340 lithium rechargeable battery, ensuring best longevity and performance. With its included rechargeable battery, users can rightly power the Perun 2 mini without need for frequent battery replacements. The IMR16340 battery’s compatibility underscores its perfect integration with the flashlight design, providing problem-free operation and relaxation of mind during use.

Pocket clip

The Perun 2 mini is equipped with a powerful pocket clip, permitting for secure and convenient attachment to pockets, backpacks, belts, and more. This practical spec makes sure easy access to the flashlight whenever required, making it perfect for everyday carry and on-the-go use. The strong construction of the pocket clip makes sure reliable retention, keeping the Perun 2 mini securely in place during different activities and movements. Whether for outdoor adventures, urban walk, or professional jobs, the addition of a pocket clip improves the accessibility and portability of the Perun 2 mini, make sure it forever within reach when illumination is needed.

Body material

Crafted from strong aluminum alloy, the Perun 2 mini boasts a strong construction that withstands the rigors of outdoor adventures and daily use. This high standard material gives best durability while maintaining a portable and lightweight design. The aluminum alloy body makes sure resilience against corrosion, impacts, and harsh environmental situations, making the Perun 2 mini a reliable lighting friend for any condition.

Olight Headlamp series

The Perun 2 mini is part of Olight headlamp series, famous for its superior standard, creative design, and reliability. Designed to meet the diverse needs of users, the headlamp Olight series provides a range of models tailored to various environments and activities.  Whether for outdoor adventures, professional use, or everyday jobs, Olight headlamps deliver best comfort, performance, and durability. With latest features such as adjustable brightness levels, long-lasting battery life, versatile mounting options, the headlamp Olight series gives unmatched ease and versatility. Trusted by experts and outdoor lovers alike, Olight headlamps set the standard for merit in hands-free.

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Does the Perun 2 mini have a red light feature?

Yes, the Perun 2 mini specs a new red light glow feature, improving its versatility for many lighting needs. The addition of a red light option is mainly helpful for activities such as preserving night vision or providing glow in dark environments.

Is the Perun 2 mini compatible with the Olight headlamp series?

While the Perun 2 mini does not work directly as a headlamp, it can be used as one through the improved headband accessory. This permits users to adapt the Perum 2 mini for hands-free use, spreading its utility for many jobs and activities.

What is the perum 2 mini runtime on the lowest settings?

With its rechargeable battery, the flashlight provides a big runtime of up to ten days on the lowest settings. This extended usage time make sure users can rely on the flashlight for prolonged periods without the need for continue recharging, mainly during outdoor emergencies or adventures.

Is the Perun 2 mini perfect for outdoor activities like camping and hunting?

Yes, the Perun 2 mini well-suited for open-air activities such as hiking, camping, hunting, and more. Its TIR lens produces a perfect and balanced beam pattern, providing optimal illumination for spotting wildlife, navigating trails, setting up camp, and performing many jobs in open-air environments. Additionally, its durable construction, and versatile specs make it a perfect lighting companion for open-air enthusiasts and professional alike.


At a price of $64.99, the Perun 2 mini provides best value for its features, performance, and build standard. Despite its affordable price point, this flashlight gives a stunning maximum output of 1,100 lumens, ensuring strong glow for various activities and tasks. Additionally, with its durable aluminum alloy body, versatile feature, and long-lasting rechargeable battery – including red light glow function and pocket clip – the torch delivers a reliability and ease at a cheap price.

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