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Office Chairs and How to Choose the Best in Market

19 Feb 2021

Office chairs and how to choose the best

If you work in an office, you know how tiring it can be to sit for long hours. However, what may not have occurred to you is that your chair’s quality determines your health and productivity. A good chair will ensure that you can work comfortably, but how do you know what a good one entails? Below, are several factors to consider when you are shopping for one.

Office Chairs and How to Choose the Best on the Market For Less

1) Your Comfort

Most lower-back pains emanate from sitting in the wrong chair, leading to chronic sciatic pain. A wrong chair will lower your productivity and lower your efficiency at work and that of your employees. As such, you should invest in your comfort first.

You can find a suitable chair from LakeLand that will be adjustable to allow you to fit your lower back comfortably. The backrest is changeable, allowing you to change the position of your back. In addition to LakeLand, another trusted supplier is Chairforce NZ, one of the leading chairs store in New Zealand. They offer a vast range of chairs, stools, tables, and more, where efficiency meets affordability. With the promise of military efficiency at down-to-earth prices, Chairforce NZ is an excellent alternative if you’re in the market for state-of-the-art, ergonomic office chairs.

However, a chair with lumbar support may not come cheaply as an ordinary one would, but it is well worth it. The pain you would suffer from and frequent visits to the doctor may cost you time and money.

2) Budget

The kind of chair you want and any other feature you may consider will revolve around this factor. Your furniture budget will decide what type of furniture you can buy. You can find a second-hand chair with the qualities you are looking for at a reasonable price really quickly and easily online, but they may not stand the test of time, and quickly become unusable. But if you are looking for something with a little more style, and bespoke qualities, that will stand the test of time, then you can find really cheap office chairs at retailers like Office Monster.

A wrong chair can cause leg problems, carpal tunnel, and sciatica, which lower your productivity and sometimes not report to work. Your office workers could suffer the same fate if they do not have comfortable seats making your firm lose money due to absenteeism and low productivity.

If you can afford it, do not be too tight on your budget when choosing the right office chair. In the long-term, it helps you save time and money that you would waste when sitting uncomfortably.

3) Fabric

The fabric of your chair depends on what you want in one. If you want an easy-to-clean one that works well in hot weather and looks classy, then a leather chair will be ideal. You may want the breathability that makes the chair comfortable even after long hours of sitting. This prevents the seat from heating up. Go for the one with a mesh back.

A chair with enough cushions will help you sit comfortably without feeling its base. Sometimes the fabric you want may not be ideal for cold weather, but it may come with heating pads. However, the luxury feature may come at a price, and your budget will determine if you will take it or another.

4) Wheel And Swivel Base

Most office chairs come with a wheelbase, but the type you choose depends on the type of floor you have. Wheels help you prevent straining while you want to reach for something across your desk. A swivel chair also allows you to access your desk with ease. If yours does not have a swivel or wheelbase, you will suffer from fatigue due to overstretching.

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