Most unusual dormitories in the world guide

The Most Unusual Dormitories In The World, International Hostel Building Guide

The Most Unusual Dormitories In The World

26 Aug 2020

It is customary to save money on the creation of hostels around the world, because it is essentially temporary housing for students who do not necessarily live in beautiful homes from the best architects of the world. But it happens that the university campuses are real masterpieces of architecture, and today we will tell you about the 10 most interesting and unusual of them.

Princeton Campus dormitory buildings, New Jersey, USA:
Most unusual dormitories in the world guide - Princeton University dormitory campus

Cite A Docks is a French hostel made of old freight containers

Cite A Docks is one of the most impressive examples of freight container architecture in the world. It is a whole campus in the French city of Le Havre, built by Cattani Architects for a local university.

Each of the hundred rooms of this residential complex for students is a separate container, equipped for a fairly simple but cozy life of one or two people. The hostels are located on the banks of the English Channel, so these buildings offer a great view of the famous strait, inaccessible even to most adults and successful residents of Le Havre.

Simmons Hall – Dormitory for Massachusetts University of Technology students

Actually, this multi-storey building serving as a hostel for MITU is called Simmons Hall. But among the people it got a much more common nickname The Sponge. The fault for this is an absolutely unusual appearance.

The Sponge Dormitory is considered elite even by the standards of such a reputable and expensive university, as MIT. It is mostly inhabited by graduate and postgraduate students. And renting one of the 344 rooms in Simmons Hall costs 4500 American dollars per semester – in Boston, even a small private apartment can be rented for this money.

Jaegersborg Water Tower – a student residence in an old water tower.

Jægersborg Water Tower
photograph : Torben Eskerod

The water tower in the Danish town of Hentofte has undergone several reconstructions. In addition to its original function, it was also an exhibition center and a restaurant, and in recent years it has become a student residence.

On ten levels of the modern Jaegersborg Water Tower there are forty living rooms, a library with access to, a student club, a cafe and a gym. And from the upper floors of the building offers an excellent view of the city of Ghentofte and the surrounding area.

Bee hostel in Estonia

In the Estonian city of Valga, on the border with Latvia, a new building of the Vocational Training Center has recently been opened, which houses both classrooms and a hostel for students.

Against the background of Valga’s rather modest architecture, this building looks like something supernatural. After all, it looks as if it consists of several hundreds of bee honeycombs – so decorated are the windows that allows a lot of natural light to enter the premises, which is quite fundamental for northern Estonia.

And this orange “bee” building itself became a bright spot against the background of rather grey northern landscape, especially in winter.

Bright hostel in Stockholm

They try to build as many bright, colorful architecture as possible in the even more northern city of Stockholm. For example, recently the construction of one of the most unusual in the world from the visual point of view student hostels began in the Swedish capital.

The building, designed by the famous architectural company Malin Persson, will get an unusual cubic facade, decorated with bright colored spots, very pleasant in visual terms, both for the residents of the building and for passers-by.

Usen Castle – hostel in the Hogwarts style

Young wizards from the Harry Potter book series not only studied, but also lived in a real medieval castle called Hogwarts. The University of Brandeis in the city of Boston, already mentioned, offers similar conditions to its students.

After all, part of the administrative premises, as well as one of the dormitories of this institution of higher education are located in a real castle – a building called Usen Castle. However, we are not talking about the original medieval stronghold (in the U.S. in principle it can not be), but a stylized building from 1928.

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Jægersborg Water Tower, Gentofte, Denmark
Jægersborg Water Tower

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