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Modern-Day Texan Ranch Design Embraces Beauty

May 4, 2021

Modern-Day Texan Ranch Design Embraces Beauty

Modern Texas ranch homes are designed with various key things in mind, including luxury, global trends, and the environment. Although luxury amenities and global trends are of great importance to ranch owners, having a home that complements the beauty of the surrounding land is often a more pressing priority. There are a number of ways that current ranch design embraces the natural grandeur of the state. Apart from putting effort into creating fabulous outdoor living spaces and incorporating features that can attract animals to the property, architects are also bringing various outdoor elements inside.

Modern-Day Texan Ranch Design Guide

Emphasis is placed on outdoor living spaces

Texas ranches are known for their scenic landscapes and prolific natural beauty, and modern-day ranch home design reflects this. Outdoor living areas are larger and more luxurious than ever before, and feature cooking and bar areas kitted out with the latest appliances, lush, comfortable seating, and decorative elements that complement the home’s exquisite natural surroundings. Although every homeowner will utilize their outdoor space as desired, there is one thing just about every outdoor area of just about every ranch home has in common – breath-taking, undisturbed views of the untouched charm of the surrounding landscapes.

Design with wildlife in mind

Apart from luxury outdoor entertainment areas, many modern ranch homes also boast a range of design elements that will attract wildlife to the property. Stylish garden ponds are, for example, superb at attracting birds, bees, butterflies and mammals looking for drinking water. Landowners who are actively interested in wildlife preservation, and specifically the preservation of white-tailed deer, turkey, doves and butterflies, should consider applying for a Texas wildlife exemption. This exemption not only helps conserve natural land in the state, but also makes it financially possible for families to own rural land.

The outdoors are being brought inside

A number of hot design trends this year revolve around bringing elements of nature indoors. Countless older ranch homes already feature various natural elements, such as exposed wooden ceiling beams and wood floors.

These features are being exaggerated in many ultra-modern designs, and coupled with floor-to-ceiling windows, massive frameless glass doors, and skylights that invite natural light to flow into the home. Architects are also embracing the latest technologies that enable them to design extraordinary homes that have the smallest possible impact on the environment.

Texas ranches remain a hot commodity among land investors and families wanting to enjoy the very best the Lone Star State has to offer. Current design trends do not only favor homeowners in search of luxury living, but the exquisite natural environment in the state as well.

Embracing the ranch style

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