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Maximalist Interior Design: All You Need to Know

3 Jan 2022

With all the emphasis – from fashion through lifestyle to interior design- minimalism has achieved cult status over the several years. It is associated with simplicity, comfort, harmony, and trends. Typically, it is all about getting rid of all the excess items. Especially in interior design, minimalism is treated as the sacred commandment and recognised as one of the dominant trends.

Maximalist interior design

However, things have changed recently, and the modern interior is set to roll over the next big new thing: Maximalism. Maximalism is a genuine reaction against the minimalist movement. It contains elements far from the minimalist style. White walls, plain decoration, and minimal components no longer work for the modern interior trends. If you look on Instagram or Pinterest, you will know how positively people are responding towards the more prominent, brighter, and bolder maximalism interior design.

What is maximalism?

The definition of maximalism lies within its name and carries the meaning of embracing the excess. It is loud, chaotic, and very colourful. Overall, maximalism is about design that features colour, shape, texture, and tone to create an over-the-top space. It promotes pattern, repeated pattern, bold design, intricate graphic details, and composes the mixed platters of excessive saturated colours. So, it’s safe to assume that people who prefer maximalist interior design often are the collectors of the art piece and souvenirs- utilising in such a way to expose the best.

How to identify maximalist style?

All those maximalist styles we see on Instagram and Pinterest perhaps are intimidating. But it is essential to remember that a maximalist interior reflects more of your taste. It is more personal. For example, human beings do not consist of one emotion. They are complicated, complex, and multifaceted. Similarly, maximalist decor style blends different shades, allowing our personality and taste to shine through the space. When it comes to identifying the maximalist interior, these are common elements:

  • Rich and intensive colour
  • Visibility of Repetitive patterns such as floral, abstract, and animal prints
  • Layering
  • Choice of a unique statement piece
  • Mixing and matching of texture and colour
  • Plush and velour fabric
  • Golden accent

How to décor your home with a maximalist design?

While incorporating maximalist interior design in your space, it is necessary to remember that the line between good style and exaggerated splendour is thin. Thus, you have to be very careful with the arrangement. The best option to adopt the principle more is better is to start slow. Adding colour, layering patterns, and displaying the objects of décor is an ideal choice to begin the work. Then, combine rugs, wallpaper, art pieces, paintings, and photos to leave no stone unturned.

The next is to add different layers of furniture with repetitive patterns and fabricated cushions, creating a feeling of abundance. Placing some books and plants can also bring an aesthetic charm to the colourful environment. Lastly, pick up some different collections of glass lights from Sogni di Cristallo to add a little more glam to the drama.

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