Learn How To Win On Pokies

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Learn How To Win On Pokies In Australia

6 May 2022

If you have ever visited an online Aussie casino, then you will be aware that pokies online Australia real money are by far the most popular type of casino game on these websites. Associated with a ton of exciting themes and formats, vivid graphics, and huge payouts, pokies are a bundle of fun!

So, how to win on pokies, you ask?

Before we delve into pokie secrets and tricks, it’s worth making something clear. However skillful and experienced, the gambler is at the mercy of Lady Luck when playing pokies. No special secret or skill can ensure that he/she wins all the time. However, knowing how pokies work, their math models, RTPs, etc. can improve your odds and minimize your losses.

With that in mind, we can offer you several effective tips on how to play pokies for real money online smart so that you can boost your payout chances and rule the pokies with a little bit of luck.

Learn How To Win On Pokies In Australi

What are pokies?

A pokie has reels, paylines, and symbols. All it takes to master this fun game of chance is to set a bet, hit ‘Spin’, and wait for the outcomes. As soon as the reels stop and a successful symbol combination(s) lines up across the reels, the player automatically receives a payout. As simple as that!

On the best online pokies real money sites, like the The Pokies, you can find an impressive array of pokies and select between various formats and styles. You can play simpler 3 reel titles with a touch of nostalgia, ultra-modern 5 reel video slots with immersive animations and multi-layer bonus rounds, and everything in between. However, t’s important to understand that your winning chances do not depend on the number of reels in a pokie. What plays a major role in your successful play are the features built into it, such as an RTP, a math engine, payout potential, and in-game bonuses. Want to know more? Well, let’s begin by looking at a pokie RTP.

Pick High RTP Games

Many new Assie pokie players do not know how pokies work, which is why they are unable to choose a pokie that can help them win the wager. Our suggestion for such spinners is to select pokies with the best returns.

To understand whether the pokie offers high returns or not, you have to check the return to player percentage (RTP). To explain, this percentage determines how much money a pokie will return to the player as winnings over time.

There are many decent pokies that run on an RTP of 96%. It’s not uncommon to come across titles with 97%-98% RTPs either – check the 1429 Uncharted Seas game with an RTP of over 98% at the Wildtornado.casino site. The higher this percentage, the better the player’s odds. You should note, however, that the Return to Player percentage doesn’t account for big returns or losses over a short time period.

Consider the pokie’s volatility

Another important mathematical factor to consider when selecting a winning pokie is volatility. This shows how sharp the pokie payout swings are. A game with high volatility delivers big and frequent profits, meaning that it will return substantial amounts to fewer punters. Pokies with low volatility work in the opposite way – they produce smaller and more frequent wins.

With that in mind, the best online pokies real money strategy involves testing the gaming style of the pokie and deciding whether or not its volatility type suits you.

If you play a high volatility pokie and luck decides to shine on you, you can score a massive payout on your very first spin. But chances are the pokie’s high volatility won’t work in your favour, and you will have to go through hundreds of losing spins before you land a big win. Are your pockets deep enough to pay for such crazy volatility swings? Or should you consider an option of winning small and more frequent rewards by playing low volatility titles?

Don’t go over your limits

Before you go into your game, set some limits! How much are you prepared to spend in a single gaming session? How much are you willing to lose or what’s your stop-loss limit?

Never fall into a trap of chasing your losses when you play pokies for real money online. If you try to recover the sum that you’ve lost, you’ll most likely end up adding up to your losses. You have your budget for a gaming session – stick to it! You can always return tomorrow when luck may be more in your favour.

In addition to a loss limit, you should also decide on a win limit, and when you reach it, you will stop while you are still ahead.

Go For Pokies With Lucrative Bonuses

Typically, a pokie that can offer you plenty of options such as free spins, multipliers, sticky wilds, jackpot bonus rounds, etc. offers better winning odds than a game that has only a few in-game features. For instance, it’s easy to see why Book of Dead and Wild Tornado Bonanza are the most played pokies across online Aussie casinos. Both titles pack bonus rounds with massive potential thanks to such sought-after pokie extras as expanding symbols and multipliers.

With that said, before going into the game, explore the pokie paytable, find out whether its features are profitable, and how you can take advantage of them. Don’t forget, you can always test the pokie features by capitalizing on demo spins at Wildtornado.casino or any other gaming site with a plethora of high-quality free games.

Play At A Casino With A Sound Reputation

It’s not uncommon for unlicensed casinos to rig pokies and fail to pay out winnings to Aussie players. You don’t want to fall into any of these traps, which is why you should always choose licensed and regulated Aussie online casinos such as Wildtornado.casino to try your luck at pokies.

You can be sure that pokies and other available games at licensed casinos provide fair outcomes. They are regularly tested by independent testing labs, so you can play your favourite casino creations with peace of mind.


Like our pokie tips? Why don’t you put them to the test? With the option to play thousands of trendy pokies online for free at Wildtornado.casino, you can start discovering your winning games today!

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