Learn how to lock your house securely

Learn How to Lock Your House Securely to Keep Away Intruders Tips, Guide, Design

Learn How to Lock Your House Securely to Keep Away Intruders

17 Aug 2020

By: Jim Pullman

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About 2 million robberies occur annually in the United States, and you can quickly become a victim if you do not secure your home. There are plenty of ways to make it difficult for burglars to access your home. Many people tend to worry about invasions during the night, but most of them occur during the day when you step out of the house to work or run errands. Therefore, it is your responsibility to eliminate such opportunities at all times. Burglar-proofing your house does not have to cost you a lot of money. Here is how to lock your home safely.

Learn How to Lock Your House Guide

Learn how to lock your house securely

Secure your Doors

34% of burglars enter your home using the front door, so it is crucial to reinforce and leave it locked. Do a comprehensive inspection of all the exterior doors to confirm the door frame’s strength and ensure the hinges are intact. If there is a mail slot on your front door, make sure no one can unlock the door using it.

If you move into a new house, make sure you change the locks to ensure that strangers do not have keys to your home. It is essential to invest in the best available locks in the market, so take time to research Lock Smith Cairns and purchase high-quality locks. You can upgrade to smart locks, a deadbolt, video doorbell, include a strike plate, or go for a dowel.

Lock your Windows

Besides the door, windows are the standard entryways, and if someone can effortlessly get into your home through the windows, you should find efficient ways to secure them to reinforce your home security mechanism. There are various locks you can purchase depending on your window, including keyed locks, pin locks, sash locks, and hinged wedges. Tempered glass offers more safety than annealed glass because it is designed to withstand massive impacts.

Window bars offer additional security since it makes it add for invaders to get in your home even after breaking the glass. Bars may not be attractive, but you can find customized decorative treatments that complement your décor. Strategically planting thorny plants can also help prevent burglaries, so consider this traditional tactic to make your home more appealing.

Hide Well your Extra Key

Hiding your additional key in a predictable place like in a flowerpot and under the rug makes it extremely easy for robbers to access your home. Therefore, it is better to give it to a trustworthy friend, family member, or neighbor or come up with unexpected places to hide it. You can also purchase a lock-box and put it in an obscure location. Being careful and creative will not cost you anything but makes your house more secure.

Pay Attention to the Garage

The garage is first becoming a popular access point for burglars and also a room they can steal some valuables if they fail to access other areas. Therefore, make sure you lock all the doors leading to your garage and consider leaving its keys in the house to prevent intruders from picking them from your car. If you use a security code, ensure that the combination remains a secret and never let neighbors, delivery personnel, and other people see it.

You can also secure the garage with additional locks, conceal its contents by covering the windows, use a smart opener, and never leave it open. Instead of cutting or zip-tying the emergency release cord, you can cover it using a garage shield, making it impossible for a thief to access the garage.

Install a Fence

Building a fence around your home is an excellent way to keep off unwanted persons. Many people prefer ornamental metal or chain-link fencing. Although many people prefer solid walls because they lower noise and provide privacy, invaders can climb them comfortably and give hiding spots.

You can secure a solid fence by putting sharp and pointed obstacles on top or install a barbed-wire fence. When installing a barbed wire fence, keep in mind that professionals may get a good deal on the materials hence lowering the overall costs.

The threats imposed by burglars should not make you live in fear and anxiety. Simple, effective, and cost-friendly methods can make the typical entry points impervious and warn you about entries, making your house safer.

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