Landscape design mistakes you need to avoid

Common landscape design mistakes you need to avoid, Online property garden advice

5 Common Landscape Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid

15 Jan 2024

Landscape design mistakes you need to avoid

The cost of constructing a poorly planned landscape can equal that of a well-designed one. Perfecting your design is beneficial when investing significant money to develop your ideal garden or outdoor space. The more time you dedicate to understanding the minute details of your landscape design, the better you’ll comprehend the final product. These five tips will help avoid unexpected surprises during the landscaping design process.

Conflicting Colors

Typically, our intention when planting gardens is to create a vibrant display of colors. However, when these hues conflict with other plants or nearby buildings, the impact can become too intense and lose its charm. This often occurs when a person strongly prefers bright colors; imagine a vivid yellow house adorned with equally bright yellow flowers everywhere.

To address this issue of color clash, opt for flowers that contrast beautifully against their surroundings. For instance, blooms in yellow, white, and orange shades would pop against darker houses, while blue, purple, and red flowers would complement lighter-colored homes better.

Neglecting the Importance of Garden Care

Ensuring your garden thrives requires consistent lawn care, nurturing, and upkeep. Therefore, when designing your ideal garden, assess realistically the amount of time and energy you can commit to it. If you own a spacious garden or aim for a well-groomed look, you might want to contemplate engaging professional services for its upkeep.

Investing in proper maintenance, either by hiring experts or doing it yourself, guarantees that the funds you’ve invested into realizing your dream garden won’t go to waste. Additionally, it ensures that your garden continues to develop, expand and prosper in the long run.

Trimming the Lawn Excessively Short

Over-trimming grass can leave your lawn vulnerable to weed invasion, heat injuries, and restricted growth. If the grass is cut excessively short, it could harm the crown of the grass plant; the junction where the roots and blades connect.

If a lawn experiences extensive crown damage, the plant’s energy is consumed for crown repair, allowing weeds to increase due to the absence of nutrient competition from the lawn’s natural defenses. The crown is also in charge of producing new shoots, so any harm to it can inhibit the growth of the grass and intensify the visibility of brown patches. Numerous lawn care websites recommend maintaining a healthy grass height of two-and-a-half to three inches.

Plant Crowding

It’s a common sight – people enthusiastically planting their greenery without considering how much they will grow, leading to overcrowded plants. To prevent this frequent error, ensure there is ample space between each plant for them to flourish.

When plants are too closely packed, some may lack adequate sunlight and water, leading to their demise. Maintain your calm and select your plants thoughtfully. You’re likely to achieve a more pleasing outcome by resisting the urge to plant every one of your favorite species.

Planting in an Incorrect Location

While it might be tempting to simply place any plant wherever you think it looks aesthetically pleasing, this approach can lead to unhealthy plants down the line due to neglect of important factors like soil quality and the specific growth needs of each plant.

Do thorough research before planting. Be mindful of the light and soil conditions each plant requires, and consider the plant’s fully grown height and width. Envision the planting area when the plants have reached their full size, and factor that into your planning.


Enhancing and maintaining the local surroundings may initially seem like a challenging task. However, by understanding what to avoid and the errors to evade in landscape design, you can construct an ideal outdoor space in your yard that completely aligns with your objectives and desires.

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