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Crafting a Winning RFQ

18 Dec 2021

A Request for Quotation (RFQ) offers vendors the opportunity to bid for work. For developers, constructors, and other companies, an RFQ is issued to procure the necessary resources, tools, and workforce that would be required to execute a project.

Crafting a winning RFQ: Request for Quotation

Through this article, we will take a closer look at the functions and processes of an RFQ and what you can do to make a bid more effective and ultimately win. If you are looking for more insights into an RFQ, consult the experts from Gobridgit

What Is An RFQ?

A Request for Quotation is a document or correspondence form between the project owners and prospective vendors. The buyers detail their budget and other requirements in the documentation and seek pricing, work, and payment terms, etc., to find a vendor capable of fulfilling their needs.

Under an RFQ, vendor prices are standardized. Moreover, this makes it much easier for buyers in terms of objective comparison. However, people at times may get confused between an RFQ and RFP.

RFQ VS RFP:- What’s The Difference?

On a larger scale, RFQ may seem similar to RFP in its functioning, but they both gauge at entirely different levels of scope. Their coverage area is what marks the main distinction between them.

Companies issue RFQ when they’re clear with what they want and are looking for low prices. Its focus is mainly on the pricing factor.

On the other hand, a Request for Proposal (RFP) is catered to large-scale services and considers multiple factors before picking the best vendor. They do address price, but it’s usually one of the more minor considerations for an RFP.

How To Prepare A Winning RFQ?

Before submitting an RFQ, you need to identify your needs and prepare a proper layout of the bid and the evaluation criteria.

The planning process can be pretty time-consuming, so you don’t need to rush it. Remember to discuss necessary information with internal stakeholders for all the essential requirements.

Apart from the details about the product and services you also need to refer to the following:-

  • The type of RFQ that is to be issued.
  • Who will be responsible for the RFQ response?
  • Pricing comparisons
  • Deadline, etc.

Each bid solicitation ought to be different, so make sure you read through the clauses, general instructions, and standard conditions.

Ensure that you fill out all necessary certifications such as “Education and Experience” or specific federal programs. It is also important to fulfil all the conditions given under the bid, such as punctual submission.

You may also be required to provide your bid in various sections such as a technical section, a financial section, etc. You would also need to follow:-

Security clearance requirements

It is necessary when the personnel under the contract will need access to protected or classified information, sensitive federal sites, and assets.

Obtaining a security clearance requirement can be a time-consuming process, so if the bid solicitation that you opt for requires it, you should speak to your contracting officer or project manager as soon as possible.


This section is the most detail-intensive. It is where you show the vendors your capabilities and understanding of all the requirements.

Use your own words to introduce your project and elaborate on:-

  • The need for such a project
  • Your reasons for starting it
  • The goals and objectives to be achieved
  • The benefits

Other extra details would include identifying the necessary tasks and their deliverance, indicating the work plan, discussing the amount of success expected, and their feasibility.

Make sure that you meet all the essential requirements and how and when you plan to meet them. An overview would suffice.


It is where you introduce your team and the resources at hand. It will help if you display how they all meet the minimum requirements for consideration and the like. Additional information may be provided, such as their resumes.

If you’re planning on subcontracting some portion of the project, you need to provide the same information to all your sub-contract providers.


A detailed breakdown of the total quoted price based on the various tools and elements required costs will have to be provided.

The bid solicitation itself will lay down the costs that must be considered under evaluation. Additional out-of-pocket expenses will not be considered, and prices have to be included within the financial bid itself.

Lastly, go through your documentations once again and ensure that you’ve read through and understood the general terms and conditions. Ensure that it also includes the evaluations and selection criterion along with your guidelines for RFQ scoring.

Uses Of RFQ

An RFQ has the following uses and objectives for its employment:-

  • It has been designed as a query to gauge out cost requirements.
  • It acts as an order or a bid for the services and products of a company.
  • Offers a platform for vendors in the competitive market.
  • It makes sure that all bidders and vendors get their requirements met.
  • It establishes the foundation for relationships between the bidder and the buyer.
  • It can also be used for the purchase and sale of vehicles and other commodities.

Another thing to note would be that an RFQ is not limited to a construction company but is also used by all goods and services providing companies, such as electronics, third-party suppliers, insurance agencies, etc.


A well-detailed description of the general guidelines, terms, conditions, constraints, and business summaries must be mentioned and provided. If not read through and discuss adequately, you might face some legal problems down the line.

RFQ templates are readily available on the internet and can be converted into Excel sheets for your convenience as well. However, vendors themselves must have a copy of the delivered and received Request for Quotation template that they keep safe.

The documentation is required so that a record of the transactions and deliveries is also in their hands. It is best to consult experts before you submit your first RFQ.

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