Interior tips for first time buyers advice

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Interior Tips For First Time Buyers

10 Sep 2020

Interior tips for first time buyers

Buying our first home is one of the most exciting milestones in our lives, alongside getting married and having your first child. For many of us, as soon as we exchange contracts on our first home we think ‘we’ve made it’ and done what’s expected of us – after all owning a home these days is a big achievement! Along with being exciting and a feeling of great accomplishment comes apprehension, stress and worry.

A big part of this anxiety is how we’re going to decorate our new home without spending a fortune – after all you’re usually not in the mood to be splashing the cash just after you’ve bought your first home. Before we move in, most of us have a vision of how we want our home to look, but time and money more often than not gets in the way. A lot of the time our ideal interior isn’t achievable, so we end up having to make compromises and sacrifices, especially if you’ve bought with someone else! Let’s have a look at some ideas…

Interior Tips For First Time Buyers – Advice

Make A Plan

Although decorating is all about the fun of winging it to a certain extent, going into it totally blind isn’t wise. No major project should be started on without some kind of rough plan as this will make things feel a little less overwhelming!

A good place to start is to pick a colour theme – for example decide whether you’re going for a minimal look or something with a little more character. Otherwise you can end up just winging it and waste your money on things that don’t go together! Falling in love with a gorgeous parquet flooring is no good to then find that it doesn’t go with the rest of the things you’ve bought! But you don’t have to be overly strict either, not everything has to be planned otherwise it takes all the fun away!

Don’t Be Too Ambitious – Keep Things Simple!

‘Less is more’ could not be more true when it comes to the interior design. Don’t think that every corner needs to be filled with ornaments – clutter builds up naturally anyway without you introducing more. This is especially true if you have a new build or contemporary style interior, it’s all about clean spaces and fresh looks. Be minimal in your approach, go for neutral floors, walls and furniture, you can add the character later!

Professional Advice Is More Useful Than You Might Think

Many of us don’t like asking for help, especially when we feel like we don’t need to but sometimes you just have to swallow your pride and do it, especially when it comes to areas that aren’t your strong points. You’ve spent a lot of money on your first home and the last thing you want it to fall at the last hurdle.

It’s not likely that you’re going to have all the answers and if you’re finding it hard to execute your ideas, then it might not be a bad idea to hire an interior designer to give you some inspiration if nothing else. Although it will come at a cost, we promise it’ll be much cheaper than changing your interior after you’ve gone down the wrong route!

Although these tips may sound obvious and you’re probably thinking ‘I will do all of those anyway’ but remember buying your first home is a very exciting, rushed and stressful time and often it’s hard to have a minute to think about these factors and you end up making rash decisions. Take your time, be organised and enjoy it, things aren’t going to be perfect!

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