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How to Win Online Slots?

24 October 2022

Slots are the most popular games at casinos due to their simple rules. Pokies are not a skill-based game. It is based on luck.

How to win online slots guide

You can find thousands of pokie titles on gaming floors and at online casinos alike. The big advantage of web casinos is that they give generous sign-up bonuses to new players to use while gambling. For example, take a look at, you will see a variety of options to choose from. The most tempting is the welcome bonus applied to four deposits made in a row. This welcome package consists of a deposit match and free spins alike.

You may not know that, but there is an algorithm built into all online slots. It is called “RNG”, aka Random Number Generator. It generates billions of different outcomes. Every time you spin the reels of an online slot, billions of outcomes can happen.

Even though there is no guarantee you hit a jackpot right away, there is something you should know before trying your hand at playing online pokies.

Choose slots with higher RTP

All slot machines have a built-in RTP known as Return to Player. It reveals the proportion paid out to players compared to the total amount a slot receives from them over time. An RTP reveals operators’ financial gain or loss from the particular slot game.

There are also progressive jackpot slots. Jackpot is awarded if the game keeps more money.

For example, if the slot game has an RTP of 93%, an operator takes just 7% of its total winnings.

As you understand, it is much better to select pokies with a higher RTP rate, of at least 90%. Of course, high RTP can’t guarantee consistent winnings, but it helps players estimate the potential of winning. Plus, a better RTP improves your chances of winning.

Remember: even if you choose the slot with the highest RTP, this does not guarantee that you will win.

Learn everything about variance

Online slot variance gives information about how much a slot machine will pay back to players.

Casinos don’t want you to win all the time. That is why casino operators don’t make a casino variance easily available (it is not as common as RTP figures).

To find the info about slots variance, use Google. Not only can this search engine show variance, but it also reveals slot volatility — another factor that affects your chances of winning and the frequency with which you will win.

Most online slots have low, medium, and high volatility. It can also be mixed.

If you are a beginner, low-volatility slots will be ideal. They provide consistent payouts that are not big. Many punters look for high-volatility slots, as they guarantee large payouts that are rare.

At this point, it is significant to debunk the widespread belief that online and offline slots are predetermined to give prizes at particular intervals that are regular.

Not only is that against the law, but it is also pointless.

Bet higher

Penny slots are the cheapest games online and are a popular target for many players, both beginners and experienced gamblers, hoping to win an enormous sum. Do you think you can hit the jackpot once you find a penny slot machine with a progressive jackpot?

Even though you can place one-cent bets, they hardly activate bonus rounds.

So increasing your bet size is a good way of improving your chances of winning. If you aim at hitting a jackpot, bet on all available slot paylines. It will increase the total amount you are wagering by a significant margin.

The amount a player wins is directly proportional to the sum they put into the machine.

Now you know that betting higher can maximise your winning chances. But it also can lead you to disastrous losses. To avoid that, gamble responsibly: decide how much money you can afford to lose and stick to the budget.

Check software providers

Playing slots designed by decent game developers can make a significant difference to your gaming session. Online pokies by different software providers may vary greatly. It is like the quality gap between Nike and Reebok trainers.

Software giants like Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, Microgaming, IGT, and others have earned a reputation for creating highly playable slots that pay out great. So it is much better to opt for them.

The worst thing you can do is to try a slot machine by a poor developer to eventually make sure you can’t win even during bonus rounds.

Online Slots Made Safe to Play in 2022

Take advantage of bonuses

Many online casinos offer a set of bonuses available both for new and existing players.

If you have not created a casino account yet, you can do this to claim a welcome bonus that contains bonus money and free spins on eligible games.

Another popular casino bonus is known as “reload”. It gives you extra funds to play with.

Some online casinos also offer no deposit or even no-wagering bonuses. The first promotion does not require players to make a deposit, and the second one — is to fulfil a wagering requirement. Check the terms and conditions of these offers before claiming them, as some bonuses may have too high wagering requirements or other restrictions attached.

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