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How to use a gas-powered weed eater

2 August, 2021

A problem with lawnmowers is that they leave a lot of grass and vegetation behind as they can’t reach below a certain level. These leftover grass and weeds look very annoying to anyone who owns a lawn. A gas-powered weed eater is a tool used for this purpose.

A weed eater is used to trim and get rid of unwanted vegetation on the ground. It can also be used to clean up a lawn or garden and edge a garden bed or any decoration.

How to use a gas-powered weed eater tips

There are various ways this tool can be used. Let’s see how to use a gas-powered weed eater and its various functions.

What is a gas-powered weed eater?

A gas-powered weed eater is a tool with a string attached to the bottom of a pole that is used to trim grasses and weeds that a lawnmower can’t reach. It has various parts such as the trimming attachment which is a string, an engine, a throttle, an air filter, and a choke control among others.

There are various types of gas-powered weed eaters such as curved weed eaters and shaft weed eaters. Shaft weed eaters are better to use because they don’t put any stress on your back like the curved ones.

Although it looks like a professional gas-powered pole saw, its function is entirely different. A pole saw is used to cut and trim branches high above the ground while the weed eater works at the ground level.

How to use a gas-powered weed eater: Super easy process

Now that you have a general idea about the tool, let me tell you how to use a gas-powered weed eater.

  • First, put on safety gear. Always put on safety glasses and ear protection.
  • Make sure that the trimming attachment and the guard are properly attached and tightly screwed.
  • Then push the fuel bulb until the fuel fills up the bulb partially.
  • Put the choke control on choke mode and start pulling on the starter handle.
  • Keep pulling the starter handle until you feel some resistance
  • Listen for the engine to pop which means it is ready to run
  • Put the choke control on ‘Run’ mode and pull the cord forcefully and faster until the engine starts.
  • After the engine starts, hold the loop handle firmly and place the trimmer parallel to the ground and start trimming.

Types of cutting you can do

There are various works you can do with a gas-powered weed eater. They are :

  1. Trimming: This is the most common use for a weed eater. This is used to trim grass that lawnmowers can’t reach. Hold the tool parallel to the ground to trim. Make sure you don’t push the weed eater into the ground.
  2. Cleaning: A weed eater can also be used to clear out weeds and other unwanted vegetation. You can push the trimmer against the ground for this as it helps to take out the stems and roots of the weeds.
  3. Edging: This is an advanced technique. The weed eater can be used to trim the edges of a garden bed or a decoration on the lawn. For this, hold the trimmer vertically to the ground instead of parallelly. Then very carefully pass it along the outer edges of the garden bed to make the edges sharper.


  • Always use safety gears, especially eye and ear gears.
  • Make sure to wear gloves and long-sleeved clothes that fit you well.
  • As the weed eater often throws debris and stones everywhere, make sure to clear the area of such things.
  • Ensure that there are no passersby, children, or anything valuable around as they can be seriously injured and damaged by the scattering debris.
  • Use oil and fuel mixture as engine fuel. Use them in the ratio of 50:1
  • Never pour fuel indoors.
  • Never pour fuel with bare hands.
  • Don’t pour fuel near any flames, electric appliances, and hot surfaces.
  • If you feel the tool vibrating too much, make sure to send it to maintenance as being exposed to extended periods of vibrations will lead to circulatory problems and sometimes nerve damage in the hands.

How to use a gas-powered weed eater – final words

Now that you know how to use a gas-powered weed eater, it is your duty to use it in such a way that harms nobody, neither you nor anyone in the vicinity. Safety is paramount while using this tool as is with any other power tool.

With that being said, as long as you maintain proper safety protocols, this tool makes your life a whole lot easier while taking care of your lawn. Best of luck!

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