How to find best architect for your renovation project

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How to Find the Best Architect for Your Renovation Project

14 March 2022

How to find best architect for your renovation project
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An architect can be an essential part of a home renovation project, whether you’re just focusing on a single room or planning on remodelling your whole home. But what should you look for when hiring an architect? And what questions should you ask? How do you even start to find one?

Perhaps you’re ready to move on from the kitchen table office and build a dedicated workspace, you want a bigger kitchen, or you want to add a level onto your house. These kinds of projects are not only costly but can also be highly stressful – doubly so if you hire the wrong people to get the job done.

An architect is often not a requirement for many home renovation projects and can be seen as a luxury to many homeowners, but many situations require drawing up building plans and approval from local authorities, in which case, it’s best to hire a pro.

Most homeowners will have dealt with contractors and other professionals but won’t have any experience hiring and working with an architect. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the key things to look for to make sure you find the best architect for you.

Get Word-of-Mouth Recommendations or Search Online

When you’re looking to hire an architect, your best bet is getting referrals from your circle. If you know anyone who has gone through an extensive renovation, ask if they worked with an architect they would recommend.

If you’re looking to renovate a home you’re recently purchased, another resource to tap will be your realtor. Realtors have deep knowledge of the areas they work in and have many connections throughout their community. If you’re looking to renovate or expand your home in Hamilton, getting recommendations for architects from experienced Hamilton realtors will be extremely helpful.

If you don’t have anyone in your network you can recommend someone, take to the internet. When you search online, be sure to look through their project examples and online portfolios and try to come up with two or three people to line up interviews with.

The Interview

The interview might be the most crucial part of the process, as it helps to determine not just who is qualified but who is the right fit for you. Be open about what you want and don’t want, as well as the budget and timeline you have in mind. If you have pictures for inspiration of styles you like, share them with the candidates.

Some of the kinds of questions to consider asking are:

  • Do you have references and project examples you can share that are similar to what we’re looking for?
  • What time investment is required from the client, and at what point in the process will this be?
  • Will anyone else be working on this project with you?
  • At what point can you share the design and conceptual phases?

While you’re hiring an expert, and it’s essential to recognize that, you should be aiming to hire someone you can communicate well with to develop a strong working relationship with them.

Following these tips will ensure you hire the right person for your project and get the results you’re looking for.

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