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Home Styling: 5 Fresh Tips to Decorate Your Home

9 August, 2021

Is your house due for a makeover? If yes, we have budget-friendly home decor ideas for you.

When it comes to home decor, people often recommend big transformations. But, of course, that makes sense if you have a new house ready to be decorated for the first time.

But for existing decor, starting everything from scratch could be costly.

What if you can add a couple of things like bookshelves, a comfortable sofa set, or electric mantle fireplaces to give a perfect home makeover?

That’s what we are going to talk about.

Home styling tips to decorate your house

Stylish Makeover Ideas for Your Home

  1. A comfortable Reading Corner

Reading corner is a trending home decor idea these days. It’s a perfect place to escape the real world and enjoy the bookish world with a cup of tea.

To create your reading corner, set up a comfortable sofa in an empty corner of your house. Then, pair it with a simple bookshelf that can fit into space.

If you happen to have a window corner, that’s even better. If not, you can get an electric fireplace to have a cozy reading corner.

These days, electric fireplaces come attached to the TV unit or storage unit that you can use anyhow. Warmth at the press of a button, and easy to maintain.

  1. Coat Hooks

Installing a coat hook around the hallway, closer to the door, gives a stylish look to the house.

Get a hook rack with at least 7-8 hooks. Then, you can hang your coats, purses, hats, some posters, keys, anything, and everything.

Maybe keep a small stool or a chair underneath it to sit and wear shoes. Pair it with a plant vase to sparkle the space a bit.

  1. A Plate Wall

You must have seen Prof. Umbridge’s office decor in Harry Potter. The way she hangs plates and saucers to the wall is a beautiful home styling idea.

It’s easily doable. Get some designer but cheaper saucers and plates, or use your spare plates.

You can also buy plain white plates and acrylic paints to make your designer plates.

Create a simple collage of plates on the living room wall, and it would look fancy.

  1. Rug and Bench

A rug can change the whole look of the room. It gives a fresh, colorful vibe.

So, in your living room or bedroom, place a beautiful rug on the floor. Maybe next to the empty wall. Put a small bench adjacent to it, along with a tiny tea table.

That would make a new seating area. You can also keep an electric fireplace to add a relaxing effect.

Make sure to get a rug with vibrant colors that match the theme of your house.

  1. Bring Furniture to the Center of the Room

Try this simple technique. Instead of placing sofas or any furniture next to the walls, could you bring them to the center of the room?

Just this small change can enhance the look of the room. Keep the walls free from any furniture. Instead, hang some art or frames.

Just like that, your living room would become way more stylish and interesting.

Time to Design

Home decor doesn’t have to be costly. Just a few new things and existing items can upgrade the look of the house.

Put colorful things on display, change the position of your furniture, accessorize the room with a fireplace and see the look.

You’ll find pretty much everything at Watson’s online furniture store to decorate your sweet home.

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