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How To Design A Casino Architecture To Increase Profitability

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3 Sep 2019

The design of casino building is aimed at encouraging players to spend more money on the house. Normally, the casinos which were built before the 90s are depicted as old school category. In that era, the cool factor associated with gambling was more important than actually winning.

How To Design A Casino for Profits


In the old school casinos, the casino designs usually consisted of low ceilings, mazes with absolutely no sunlight to get in. The main aim of the casino architecture was to take the player out of the real world and isolate them in a fantasy world. If you analyse the architectural patterns of the old school casinos, you will find that as soon as you entered the casino, a maze of flashing lights and slot machines greeted you.

The maze architectural layout of the casinos made sure that the players will be lost in the gambling world, much like what Omnia Casino in UK does with its plethora of online casino gaming options. After entering, the design is so intricately planned out that you are likely to find a slot machine that caters with your taste while going out. This will make you want to stay for longer in the casino allowing the casino to cash on your bankroll.

This is the main reason why you will not find any windows in the casinos as the architecture is designed in a way that it forces the player to leave the real world behind. The slot machines were placed along the walls where you have to sit side by side with other players. In the middle, the table games were placed and the overall design was created to confuse the player.


Nowadays, the old school design has been replaced with the playground modern design. People hate feeling trapped within an institution if the main objective is to extract money from them. This is the sole reason why modern casino architectures abandoned the old school design. The modern design was first adopted by the Bellagio in the 2000s.

These architectural designs used an open view with ample sunlight and enticing sculptures to turn the casino into a playground. Slot machines now are placed in small clusters instead of lining the entire wall of the casino. As customers started asking for more privacy, the slot games were isolated allowing people to enjoy without the feeling of being watched by other players. The table games were also spaced apart.

Key points to focus while designing the casino architecture

  • The casino needs to be designed in such a way that forces players to play impulsively. Instead of making the snacks bar and bathrooms easily accessible, the casino architecture needs to be designed to put them in the least likely and remote places. The reason to do this is that the players have to cross a bunch of games to get there which increases their chances of engaging with the game.
  • The old school casino designs were made to distract and confuse players roaming around the casino. Although the motive was purely intentional, modern casino architecture has proved that an open atmosphere invokes a similar type of gambling experiences just like modern resort open architectures. If you are planning on making the players forget about the measures of daytime and possibly creating a cave-like atmosphere, you should go for windowless walls.
  • The new wave of casino architecture stresses more natural lighting that compliments well with soft white and green colours. High ceilings are advisable to make the players feel at ease. These architectural designs play a major role in the player’s psychology. High octane old school architectural designs have traditionally turned women away from the casinos. With the new architectural changes, casinos can embrace both the genders equally enhancing their efficiency in the long run.

Caesars Fountain at the Palace at Night – Las Vegas:
Caesars Fountain at the Palace at Night - Las Vegas
photo © Joe Lekas

Caesars Palace with Fountain, Las Vegas:
Las Vegas Architecture
photo © Joe Lekas

Las Vegas Architecture
photo © Andrew McRae

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