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Replacing Your Windows? Here’s What to Consider

23 Feb 2021

Upgrading your home’s windows with is one of the best ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency and reduce your monthly utility bills. While there are several different options to consider, replacement windows are the most popular choice, and for good reason. If you’re considering a similar upgrade, here is what you should consider before making a purchasing decision.

Replacing Your Windows

How Do You Know It Is Time to Replace Your Windows?

  • Age of the Windows: If you’re wondering whether it’s time to replace your windows, you may want to consider how old the windows are. Older windows can cause several problems, including a drafty feel, expensive energy bills, and difficulty selling a home
  • Frame Failures and Leaks: Wooden frames are prone to failure due to termite attack, fungal decay, and crack formation as a result of thermal stresses caused by exposure to direct sunlight and exposure to high humidity and temperature changes.
  • Finding a Fresh Look: Replacing your windows can improve the look and comfort of many rooms in your home while contributing to its overall energy efficiency.

What are the Benefits of Replacing Your Windows?

  • Increase Safety: Safety might not be at the top of your mind when choosing new windows, but it should be. Old, leaky, drafty windows are safety hazards in your house. Replace them with newer, energy-efficient windows to help keep intruders from getting in and making their way to you or your family.
  • Reduce Noise: There are few things better than a refreshingly quiet home. That’s because the more soundproofing you add, the less noise you will hear from outside your home.
  • Lower Energy Bills: One of the most obvious benefits of replacing old windows is that it can help you save money on your utility bills. You do this by reducing your home’s energy costs, as replacement windows can keep the weather out and keep you comfortable in both hot and cold temperatures.
  • Keep the Outside Out: You’ll be keeping the outside out. Your windows will be more efficient at keeping things such as cold air and moisture from entering your home.

What are the Things You Need to Consider When Replacing Your Windows?

Your Budget

Replacing your windows is not a one-day thing. It can cost you quite some money and can take weeks, especially if you aren’t doing it yourself. This means that you need to plan your budget and make sure that you will be able to afford everything that you might need. In this case, the level of your budget will depend on the type of materials you are going to use for replacement as well as the type of frames that are used in the process.

Glazing Options

There are a wide variety of options when it comes to glazing your replacement windows. The different types include clear glass, tinted glass, reflective glass, textured coated glass, and more. Tinted glazing is popular for reducing the amount of glare coming in from sunlight– whether from the sun or an exterior light source.

It also helps reflect heat out so that you don’t have to turn up the thermostat as high during the winter. The textured coating comes in a variety of patterns, such as squares, diamonds, and lines. This makes for a very unique look that you can’t find with unpatterned glazing.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient replacement windows can lower your energy bill. Energy-efficient windows are designed to keep the warm air in and cool wind out; insulation is also improved. Check with your local utility company to see what kind of rebate you qualify for if you buy an energy-efficient window replacement. The savings can be quite significant.

Do Not DIY

There are a lot of things you can DIY  when it comes to home improvements, but replacing windows is not one of them. Replacing your windows requires expert window installation using the skills and tools of professional window installers. Attempting to replace your windows on your own can be tricky.

It might even prove to be fatal if you are not familiar with the right steps to follow and the safety precautions of doing this kind of work. It can also cost you by wasting your time and effort, or by damaging your structures. Your best option is to call for help from a professional.

New Windows Materials

There are numerous window material options for your replacement windows. The majority of homes today use vinyl, though wood, fiberglass, and aluminum are also popular options. Each of these materials has its pros and cons that you’ll want to consider. It’s also important to determine whether or not you’ll need an off-site company to custom-make the windows for you or if you can buy stock sizes at a local building supply store.

Replacing your windows – Aesthetics

There is much to consider when replacing your windows. One of the most important factors is aesthetics. You want your new windows to go with the color scheme of your house. Make sure you check that the new window frames are in a similar style as your current frames and have the same finish, including type, location, and style of panes. It will also be wise to choose a similar paint finish for the frame when you make your replacement.

Replacing Your Windows? Here's What to Consider

When you are ready to replace your windows, there are some things that you need to consider. Making the wrong decision can not only be costly but also fatal to your comfort. It is a good investment to do a little research and make sure that you get things right from the start.

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