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Report from the Cоmpany Okhotnikov About the Problems of Investors and Traders

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17 April 2024

The founder of the Okhotnikov company, Vladimir Okhotnikov, a well-known researcher and financial expert in crypto specialist circles, made comments in a new article “The Greater Fool Theory”. In his latest research, Okhotnikov demonstrated how the herd instinct and FOMO lead to instability and economic downturns.

The article talks about the “greater fool theory” – this concept states that there will always be someone willing to buy an asset at an inflated price. It is often confirmed by real stories. The expert explains it using a hypothetical example of a girl who, without studying the market, bought real estate during a period of high demand, hoping only for a future rise in prices. And something happened to her that should not have happened.

cryptocurrency system - how euphoria and greed defeat investors in crypto

Vladimir Okhotnikov about the vicious circle

As the specialist noted, “the theory of the greater fool creates a vicious circle.” People start buying not for objective reasons, but in the expectation that someone else will buy at a higher price. Not many people know what this leads to.

Okhotnikov warns against falling into the trap, emphasizing the importance of an informed and fundamental approach to investing. He encourages investors to pay attention not only to emotions and current trends, but also to the real value of assets and their prospects.

The article also examines large corporations of the early 2000s that became victims of their own ambitions and financial fraud.

For example, in February 2000, Pets.com raised an impressive amount for that time – $82.5 million through the sale of shares. However, the company was still forced to declare bankruptcy and begin liquidation proceedings. Vladimir Okhotnikov tells why this happened:

Chasing rapid growth without ensuring a sustainable business model has been one of the biggest mistakes of the Pets.com..”

There was another company. WorldCom was an example of corporate financial fraud. At the beginning of the 2000s, it became known that management was exaggerating economic data. This led to bankruptcy and liquidation, which became the largest in US history at that time.

Boo.com was also a victim of its own ambitions and mismanagement. Trying to conquer the online retail market with unsuccessful marketing strategies, it ran into fiscal problems and closed down.

Vladimir Okhotnikov provides lessons from the past, analysis and insight into The Greater Fool Theory. It reminds us of the importance of financial literacy and a prudent approach to investing. The publication shows how the expert skillfully describes the predictability of the behavior of market participants, giving clear examples.

Read the original article and learn how euphoria and greed among inexperienced investors contribute to market instability, creating a cycle of speculative buying and selling.

Vladimir Okhotnikov: how euphoria and greed defeat investors

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