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Increase in Crypto Volatility

29 June 2021

According to CNBC, in May 2021, crypto markets for both bitcoin and ether, plunged by a 30% and more than 40% respectively in less than 24% but both recovered substantially by the end of the day.

This is however very typical of cryptocurrency trades which are majorly manifested by huge gains yet drastic drops which is a sequence that repeats itself over and over again. Skeptics look at it as an unstable and dwindling market in the face of many financial losses surrounding economic impediments, while seasoned investors look at it as buying opportunities.

Increase in Crypto Volatility

Increase in Crypto Volatility – Markets Guide

It is during such drops that individual or institutional investors take advantage of the markets and buy bitcoins. With the aid of trade institutions, clients are able to decisively know when to dispose of their assets. Bitcoin Circuit, a bitcoin trading system that is extensively reviewed by experts in the worlds of crypto publications and main stream media, most of which indicate a positive experience while trading crypto, is such a platform that helps you execute you crypto trading deals efficiently. With Bitcoin Circuit, you could generate up to 80% of daily returns when bitcoin volatility is high. Through compounding accounts, Bitcoin Circuit trade clients attest to growing their earnings.

Factors affecting volatility and value

Interest and public declaration made by giant investors like Tesla’s Elon Musk intent to join bitcoin trade, afterwards withdrawn, only to recoup at a later date that the giant company is still keen on investing crypto, the bitcoin market experiences surges as investors rush to buy anticipating booms.

The Covid 19 pandemic, promotes surges in the buying of cryptocurrency based on the desire of investors to stash away their assets in forms that are deemed safe and may even retain the value incase economic situations deteriorate even further.

The halving system of rewards for miners is also an aspect that affects the bitcoin’s volatility since demand goes high when the availability of bitcoins in the market is low. Therefore, in this regard, production of more bitcoins like in the case of cash printing like witnessed in some states is not possible. They can only be released as scheduled.

A decentralized network, where no eternal interventions from governments can come in to control its functions, promotes the high value of bitcoins. Check out, one of the most trusted cryptocurrency trading sites in India.

A word on risk

Just like every investment, each carries its own risk. The volatility witnessed in the crypto markets of bitcoin is not a onetime event, and is expected to recur even in future and therefore cannot be totally eliminated. Patience and moving along the whole nine yards are of key, when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency.

Investors who have, for a longer period of time invested in the trade, as well as those whose assets are spread out in different portfolios, stand a higher chance of experiencing consistency in trade outcomes. CNBC says long-term investors and companies that have exposure to cryptocurrency trade tend to have a “halo effect” when it comes to crypto volatility.

Tesla, which has a $1.5 billion stake in bitcoin, fell roughly 2.5% May 19, 2021. Microstategy which is another giant company that also holds a large amount of bitcoin for its corporate treasury went to a 6.6%. The volatility described here is one thing that an open-eyed investor would be salivating at. CNBC news.

High risk high returns, is the policy for investment options for such kind of trade. This is true in all types of cryptocurrencies. And knowing that, the more you invest in terms of asset into bitcoin, the higher the chances of reaping great profits should the balance shift in your favor, all factors considered.

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