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How Does An Architect Design a Building?

27 Jun 2022

Architects help individuals and businesses design buildings, whether it be family homes or office spaces. They are able to design and fit the space around any structural, mechanical, engineering or plumbing requirements, to transform a space into your requirements. It is important that you seek advice from a professional negligence advisor if any issues are to arise throughout the process or for additional support.

How Does An Architect Design a Building

How Does An Architect Design a Building Advice Guide

They will pre plan and create some ‘visions’ of how they see the space looking

Programming is the initial evaluation that architects will do with you, to establish your values, goals and requirements. They will gather information on your existing home if you are considering remodelling, and begin to formulate designs that would be achievable.  This is also the stage in which your budget will be discussed, so they can begin to create a realistic vision for your home.

The design of the space will then take place with some drafts and then a final agreed design

Within this next stage, the architect will go away and create some drafts and visions for your new home or office space, that match your criteria and needs. More detailed designs of floorplans, shapes and sizes of rooms will begin to form, although specifics regarding materials and décor will come at a later stage. This can help you to visualise the space you will have to work with and help you begin to brainstorm interior design ideas.

Before any of the changes take place you will need to ensure that you have the building permits for the changes that you are wanting to make

It is important to ensure that you have all relevant documents and permission in place before you begin to build. This must be approved by your local council, as failure to comply with planning permission could result in you being forced to resolve the issue –  and depending on what you have built this could be an extremely costly issue that could cost hundreds of thousands to fix.

The final stage which is the creation of your project

The final stage of your journey with the architect that you have chosen is to begin the work that they have designed. Although an architect is not a builder, they will still make regular visits to the site to ensure that everything is running to plan, and proactively address any potential issues that arise. It is inevitable that some issues will arise on the job, therefore having a competent architect who is able to advise your contractors, is essential to saving you money and ensuring that the finished product is still something that you love.

How Does An Architect Design a Building

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