How can the internet be positive for mental health advice, Website tips, Online guide

How can internet be positive for mental health?

13 Dec 2021

How can internet be positive for mental health guide

How can the internet be positive for mental health guide

The subject of mental health has long been regarded as a controversial subject. The internet and social media changed that since they provided a platform for discussing and sharing between like-minded individuals.

According to Statista, there are around 300 million internet users in the US alone, and Comcast, which runs a telecom agency called Xfinity in the US, has reported having 30 million Xfinity internet subscribers. Moreover, with celebrities and prominent individuals talking about mental health, it has opened the doors for other people to be able to do the same. There is also evidence that looking up mental health information is one of the most common reasons for using the internet. Several websites on the internet are built solely for the same purpose.

What is healthy and problematic internet uses?

As the names suggest, healthy internet uses include spending a healthy amount of time on the internet, performing activities on the internet that doesn’t interfere with anyone’s healthy mindset. Problematic behavior on the internet can lead to a negative impact on one’s mental health. Since no one is monitoring the internet activities and there are no internet police either, it is easy for trolls and bullies to take over and bully/threaten others.

Such behavior can harm the victim’s mental health and trigger episodes that are problematic for his normal functioning. Social media platforms have also introduced this phenomenon called FOMO or Fear of Missing Out, where internet users often feel like they are missing out if they do not go online to their social media pages. FOMO can lead to extreme dissatisfaction and has a detrimental effect on one’s mental and physical health.

What are the benefits of the internet for mental health?

While the internet has opened up the door to unlimited possibilities which can, more often than not, seem extremely overwhelming when made use of, there are times when it can be constructive for one’s mental health. Following are some of the ways how the network can be beneficial for mental health;

  • The internet has brought about the dawn of the information age. Through online searches, people can find a variety of information and resources on any kind of subject. Students can look up creative ways to do their homework, teachers can get resources for their lesson plans, users can look up DIY options to try out new things, etc. Moreover, people who are looking for ways to improve their mental health can also find the means to do it themselves with the help of the internet. If people prefer, they can even self-diagnose and sign up for an appointment with any mental health physician. Beyond that, people can also find a variety of inspirational or motivational quotes on any topic to motivate and comfort themselves.
  • Online Support Group. With mental health illness, individuals tend to feel isolated even when their friends and families do everything they can to be there for them. However, persons still feel reluctant to talk to their friends and families, which is why they sign up to the internet where other people with the same dilemma can reach out to them. There are also online support groups that can make a positive difference in their lives. Online support groups can help such people connect to others with a similar mental health condition, and they can also exchange tips, ideas, and emotional support.
  • Apps and such. A health tracking activity helps one to stay up to date about their body’s needs. It stores information about heart rate, number of miles one has traveled, number of calories, etc. Apps can also keep track of sleep activity, weight information, etc. Moreover, there are also apps that help one connect to any medical officer located in the vicinity for his physical and mental health.
  • Social media platforms allow individuals to reconnect with their friends, families, and loved ones through the means of video chats, sending funny graphics, and exchanging stories. This can help to maintain and strengthen existing relationships, especially with those who live miles away.
    Through social media, users can also meet new individuals, giving them an excuse to take breaks from work and leave their houses, rather than being stuck inside the whole day. Research has also shown that older people who used the internet daily had higher life satisfaction than those who did not, and that was only limited to the ones who used the network to communicate with others.

In conclusion, the internet is not harmful or beneficial itself, rather how it is being used is the major factor that can lead towards positive or negative mental health. It has made everyone a more efficient and connected society as a whole, however, one has to keep in mind how it is being used so it doesn’t create any more problems.

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