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Home Maintenance You Need to Do Regularly

8 Jun 2021

Home Maintenance Tasks Needed Done Regularly

Home Maintenance You Need to Do Often

Every homeowner has to deal with maintenance issues – leaky pipes, faulty wiring, plumbing, ventilation problems, peeling paint, and many more. These can happen to everyone. But if you can’t fix them at an early stay, you will lose a considerable amount of time, money, and energy. Fortunately, there are simple tips for preventing these kinds of losses.

We’ve consulted the experts from Air Temp and Plumbing (a home repair company) and have come up with a list of home maintenance tasks you need to do regularly. Inspecting the rooms for bugs, fixing plumbing leaks, checking paint and siding, cleaning the gutters, and assessing the ventilation, among others.

1 – Inspect for bugs

If you live in a place where bugs are common, you need to inspect your home thoroughly to prevent them from settling in. These creatures can damage the structure of your house and make it uncomfortable. They can also carry dangerous diseases. So, if you spot bugs or see evidence of their presence, contact a specialist who knows how to deal with this kind of situation.

2 – Fix Plumbing Leaks

Most people ignore plumbing problems until they get really bad. But in fact, most problems can be fixed at an early stage. Therefore, you need to check your pipes regularly. Look over them for leaky joints and cracks and replace the parts that are damaged. Also, keep an eye on your toilets, sinks, and faucets. If you spot a problem, contact a plumber immediately.

3 – Check the Paint and Siding

If you want to protect your home from pests, you need to apply paint or siding to the walls regularly. These materials not only protect your home from outside air pollutants, but also help keep the inside air clean and healthy. Of course, this kind of work should be carried out by professionals.

Professionals use high quality tools and products to make sure that your walls are protected against all kinds of damage. This will also help you save money because you won’t have to replace the paint or siding all the time.

4 – Clean the Gutters

Gutters are the easiest part of the roof to clean. But many people forget about them altogether. Don’t make the same mistake.

Cleaning the gutters is a simple job that will help you prevent a lot of damage. All you need is a ladder, some gloves, and a cloth or brush (depending on what kind of gutters you have). Take a few minutes every week to remove dirt from the gutter troughs and make sure that they are clear of leaves and other debris. This way, you will prevent flooding in your basement and keep water damage away from your home.

This maintenance task is especially important to carry out during the fall when it is more common that gutters become cluttered with fallen leaves.

5 – Assess the Effectiveness of Your Ventilation System

Your home has to be properly ventilated to avoid moisture buildup and mold growth and to keep the air relatively free of allergens. Most problems with a ventilation system are a result from one of three factors – lack of cleanliness, faulty equipment, or poor installation (which includes a drastic change in the layout of a room without taking into consideration the ventilation system).

The EPA has published a manual on how to effectively check your ventilation system depending on what type you have – supply only, exhaust only, or balanced. Exhaust only systems are prone to attracting allergens into the home, while supply only systems tend to attract moisture into the walls. In either case, it is important to keep fans and ducts clean and dust free. This will at least minimize the risk of poor ventilation due to problems related to the lack of cleanliness of the equipment – which is not an unsubstantial factor.

And it is a good idea to have a professional carry out an assessment at least once every three years – more often if you are not keeping up with maintenance and assessment on your own.

6 – Inspect Your Cabling and Electrical Cords

You shouldn’t leave electrical cords exposed or lying around your house. In addition to being unsightly, they can present potential fire hazards as well as other kinds of damage. Exposed or poorly fastened cords can also present a tripping hazard, which is especially problematic for elderly residents and children – not to mention the problems your pets can get into if there are electrical cords left around for them to investigate.

That’s why you need to inspect your cabling and electrical cords regularly, throw out the ones that are damaged or broken, and make sure the ones you use are secured either to the skirting boards or tucked safely behind furniture and out of the way.

You should also consider covering your electrical cords with plastic sleeves to keep them safe from children, pets, and dust. If, despite this preventive measure, your pets still like to play or chew on electrical cards, consider coating them with a bit of spicy sauce. Naturally, you’ll want to clean them a few days afterwards. But once a pet has tasted a cord that leaves their mouth hot, they will most likely have learned their lesson and won’t repeat this dangerous activity again.

Home Maintenance Tasks Advice – Takeaway

Home maintenance, when done effectively, boils down to taking simple, regular preventive measures to ensure you avoid larger, more costly problems down the road. In most cases, serious structural damage that requires expensive repairs or replacement of equipment can be avoided when the problem is caught early enough.

When a problem is caught early, when you detect tell-tale signs of a potential issue, there are generally many effective options available to you for how to resolve them. This is not the case, however, when a problem is left unattended.

The seven tasks outlined in this article shouldn’t require more time than a few hours a year. But the time and money you’ll save if you carry them out properly is quite substantial.

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