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DIY Painting Tips for Home: Technique

7 Mar 2021

DIY Painting Tips

Most people understand the techniques behind painting their homes. They are away are the proper supplies to buy as well as the typical techniques used in the trade. However, there are plenty of other tips the average joe doesn’t know. Did you know you shouldn’t wash your brushes or rollers? Below, we will discuss a few unknown DIY painting tips shared by professional painters and decorators to help you on your next project.

Modify Your Paint Stick

We all know you should use a paint stick to stir your paint. It helps the paint be more consistent and stops anything from settling. However, did you know you should be modifying the paint stick? If you drill holes in the stirrer, you will able to stir your paint more efficiently. Action Properties, a Santa Clara property management suggests that when you add holes to the paint stick, you can then stir the paint more effectively because the holes allow the paint to flow through the stirrer, creating an overall better mix.

Pick Out the Right Primer

Many people use a basic primer for any wall, but this isn’t the best idea. If you’re painting drywall, then you should use a water-based primer to help give you the even base you are looking for. If you’re painting something like paneling, walls with water damage, or walls with damage from smoking, you should use an oil-based primer.

Never Let Paint Dry in Can

If you store a can of paint that is half full, it will dry out. Surprisingly, an easy way to avoid this from happening to us a golf ball! Drop a few golf balls into the paint can to fill up any extra space. This will help keep excess air from drying out the paint. You can also cover the paint in plastic wrap before you attach the lid. This will also help keep excess air out of the can.

Tape Problems

If you’re finding your painter’s tape hard to work with and not bending the way you would like, then you will love this tip. Take your roll of painter’s tape, and put it in the microwave for a few seconds. I know this sounds crazy, but the heat will give the tape the flexibility you are looking for. This will also help if you are finding the tape keeps tearing or is sticking too easily to surfaces.

Figure out What Kind Of Paint Is Already on The Wall

Before you paint a wall, you should know the type of paint already on that wall. This will help with primer, but also buying the correct paint will produce a much better-finished product.

One of the best ways to do this is to take a cotton ball with a bit of rubbing alcohol on it and rub it across the wall. If there is paint residue on the cotton, then you have latex-based paint on the wall. If there is no residue, then you have oil-based paint.

DIY painting tips – Closing Thoughts

If you add these DIY tips to your arsenal, we know your next paint job will turn out incredible!

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