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Five Tips On Staying Sane While Renovating Your Home

14 Aug 2020

Five tips on staying sane when renovating your home

Five Tips On Staying Sane When Renovating A Home

Whether it’s a house extension, loft conversion, a new kitchen or a complete overhaul of the whole property, any work on your house will disrupt your regular routine and impact you and your family. And it’s not like what you typically see on TV, where all seems to magically transform into the beautiful picture before your eyes. Your home is no longer a personal sanctuary, but a building site, which involves a great deal of intrusion, dust, mess, and, of course, stress.

Renovating your home can be stressful, and it is only natural that most people associate home renovation as a nightmare journey to survive rather than enjoy. Luckily, a little forethought and preparation can help to diminish the impact of a renovation project to get through these times more smoothly. Have some peace of mind with these five tips to keep your sanity during dusty weeks ahead of home renovation.

Plan For Children & Pets

A home renovation and construction can be one of the most rewarding and frustrating experiences for everyone in the home. While children are usually less perturbed by the chaos of renovation than adults, they do need to be kept safe. Make sure to designate free rooms that they can use, discuss the construction dangers, and keep them away from debris and any dangerous spaces. Also, bring books, videos, and toys that your children can use to stay entertained and schedule playtime to get them out of the house.

Pets also can be upset or anxious by building work and constant noise. They might escape if the property is open and bark at builders while any long fur on cats or dogs can trap dust and irritate your pet’s skin and nose. Try to determine a suitable place where they can stay or consider boarding them in kennels or a cattery. Sending the kids and pets to your grandma’s house for a night or two may help to get through during your renovation or construction, as well.

Cook Ahead

Five tips on staying sane when renovating your home

If you know you are going to start renovation or construction without a fully functional kitchen, make sure to prepare meals ahead of time. So, before the work begins, dedicate some time for cooking lots of simple, healthy, one-pot dishes that you can easily freeze and then reheat. You could even add coconut oil from somewhere like Gold Bee into these meals for an extra boost of nutrients to help get you through the big move.

Additionally, when you crave a night away from dust and cooking meals, take advantage of a nearby restaurant or cafe if going out won’t hurt your budget.

Make Realistic Deadlines & Expectations

The clearer you are about the expectations and end result you want to achieve with your home renovation then the simpler it is to make it a reality. It’s never, ever too early to plan, so as soon as the first seeds of an idea start to germinate, start setting goals and making a to-do list.

Find builders you can trust and before the builders start swinging sledgehammers, hold a meeting to clarify all questions you may have and establish deadlines. Ask them to outline the progress of work, determine which areas of the house are off-limits and discuss related issues such as hours of work, using bathroom facilities, and impact on neighbours.

Embrace Your Stress

Combining work, school, home duties, pets and kids with dirt, noise, and workers is a simple recipe for family discord, stress, increased tension, and even temporary mental breakdowns. Remember, no one has ever come to the end of a home renovation with everything going as planned, no matter how thoroughly you plan. When things aren’t going the way you expected, letting your emotions take over you and using a verbal volley of bullets isn’t going to solve anything.

However, it’s far easier to deal with challenges and stress when you plan for it. Given the number of variables and essential tasks involved, take a moment to calm down, release tension, and get your thoughts together. Try to find out what’s gone wrong and resolve the issue rather than go on the attack.

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Celebrate The Achievements

Five tips on staying sane when renovating your home

Take time to celebrate achievements, enjoy positives, and mini-victories along the way of renovation. Admire a new window, bathroom, or fresh addition after installation, rather than focusing on the fact that something is delayed or isn’t done yet.

While there will be plenty of frustrations, try to stay cheerful, keep your eye on the prize, and always remind yourself of how beautiful your house will look once finished.

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