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Find out everything you need to know about demolition contractors

17 May 2022

Find out about demolition contractors

Demolition contractors are in charge of dismantling buildings, structures, and dwellings from residential and commercial sites. They are in charge of removing buildings, structures, and dwellings from their locations and have worked with a variety of companies. After a demolition job is completed, a demolition contractor is responsible for removing all waste and building materials from the site.

Demolition contractors are responsible for a wide range of tasks. It includes the demolition of concrete structures, house demolitions; bridge demolitions; asphalt surfaces; wood demolitions, old railroad ties, the demolition of underground piping and drainage systems, and the demolition of concrete structural constructions, etc.

If you aren’t building on a “greenfield,” demolition is important for creating something new. If you’re tearing down a small part to make room for repairs or get rid of something that’s in the way of a new building, demolition is a very important step. To make sure your project moves forward, hire a trustworthy demolition to get the job done quickly and safely.

Why do people demolish buildings?

Even though many people have the tools to demolish their own homes, they still hire a general contractor for large-scale projects. Even though one person with a bulldozer and an excavator could take down a building on their own, they wouldn’t be able to do it as well as a trained and certified professional contractor.

Even if a building looks like it will never change, it can. When developers come across a small or old space, they often see a lot of possibilities. Before the building can be expanded or remodelled in a big way, it may need to be torn down to make room for the new design.

Other times, a building has to be torn down because of zoning laws or rules in the neighbourhood. For instance, a new highway might be built right through a city park, where an old building is now. The building has to come down to build the highway, as long as the right permits have been applied and approved.

Neighbourhoods change over time, and if the houses or buildings in a neighbourhood are too small or don’t match the rest, they may have to be torn down to make room for newer, more modern homes and buildings.

How much does it cost for demolition Services?

In Canada, commercial demolition services cost approximately $10 per square metre. The cost per square metre of a project will drop as its size grows. Other than the actual cost of the demolition procedures, a number of variables determine the price. These include permit fees, project size, construction materials, and cleanup and disposal expenses. The last factor is also affected by the presence or absence of hazardous waste that must be disposed of.

What Kinds of Demolition are Used in Buildings?

Demolition services could involve tearing down a building from top to bottom or removing the interior finishes. Here are the four types of demolition and a brief description of what each one means.

Complete Demolition

Total demolition means that the whole building has to come down. This kind of demolition is usually done when the building you want to tear down is not like the one you already have. It could be a house demolition for a single person, as opposed to the building of a business building. Unlike the restaurant, the barn has been used for a long time. Because the designs of these buildings are always changing, there is usually no good way to combine the old with the new. The best thing to do is to start over.

Selective Demolition

When only part of a building is destroyed, this is called a partial or selective demolition. You might want to use this method if the building is in good shape, meets the needs of your business, and has historical or aesthetic value. Sometimes it may be cheaper to fix up an old building than to build a brand new one. for more on remodeling instead.

Interior Demolition

If the “bones” of the existing building are in good shape but the inside doesn’t meet your needs or preferences, an interior demolition might be an option. In this kind of demolition, your crew will tear down the inside of the building while leaving the outside as it is. This is a great way to protect and keep a historic building’s beauty and to keep the building’s structural asset safe. Overall, if you want to change an area to fit the needs of your business, demolishing the inside might be a cheaper way to do it than starting from scratch.


Deconstruction is a more organised way to take something apart. It can be used for selective demolition, total demolition, or demolition inside a building. Your group will use deconstruction to take down your building in a way that saves the building parts so they can be used again in the future. For example, instead of using a piece of equipment to tear down an old barn and then recycle the debris, a deconstruction crew will take each piece of wood away. The pieces of wood are kept in good shape so that they can be sold or used in your next project.

Even though this method can save you money on building materials, it can also take longer, making it more expensive.

The Five Steps to a Demolition Project

Commercial demolition can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months or even longer. However, most of them can be broken down into five main stages.

1. Acquiring the necessary permits

Before starting your demolition project, you’ll need to make sure you have the right paperwork and permits. This could involve looking at the site.

2. Clean the building out.

Some properties could be stripped down to their skeletons, while others could be businesses or homes with furniture. If you want to get rid of or recycle some of the things left behind, you should take them out before the building is destroyed. The things that aren’t needed will be taken away with the structure. As your team works on the plan, you’ll need to know what the buyer will leave behind. The process will take longer if you want to get rid of more things.

3. Take the correct safety precautions.

Every safety plan for demolition should start with a careful survey of the site. They will look at how the building was put together and look for dangerous materials like asbestos, lead, and other things that could be dangerous. Your group will make plans that are unique to your location. It should have safety precautions to keep workers and the public safe.

4. Begin Demolition

Your contractor can start tearing it down after the building has been cleaned up and made a plan. The tools and methods used for the job depend on how big and what kind of building it is. For interior demolitions, it’s common for a team to bring hand-held tools to the site. Heavy equipment and construction equipment, along with controlled blasts, can be used to take down a whole building.

5. Debris Removal

When the tearing down is done, the team will start cleaning up or finding a new use for the rubble. If the destroyed building was made of concrete or brick, it could be taken down and used for something else. Larger pieces can be broken up and used to fill in areas already paved.

How Do I Find a Good Demolition Contractor?

You need a reliable and experienced building demolition company for your project to go well. Some companies only do demolition work. But firms like Shorecon that do more than just dig holes offer demolition services.

If you hire an excavation company that does everything for you, they’ll use everything they know to help with the project. The company usually has a demolition project manager, who plans and oversees the entire demolition process, from coming up with ideas to the final destruction. They make sure the job is done on time and within budget. They often work with owners, engineers, architects, and other people during the demolition process.

If they know more, they’ll understand the demolition process and how it affects your property in general. They will also be able to build your new home, put in underground utilities, and provide any other services you need to finish your project. This will save you a lot of time and work and keep you from having to sign another contract.

Find out about demolition contractors summary

When looking for a demolition contractor, it’s vital to ensure they have the right skills and a track record of happy customers. Check out their online reviews, testimonials, and clients’ websites to learn more about their past projects.

Lastly, you’ll need to choose a business that cares about the project.

A reliable commercial demolition company and excavation set the stage for the rest of the project. The early stages can throw off timelines and budgets. If you hire a reputable and experienced excavation company, the project will get off to a good start and be ready to go from the start.

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