What is a bidet seat? Bathroom toilet

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What is a Bidet Seat?

6 June 2022

If you have visited countries in Asia you would know that they generally use bidets in their toilets and it is found to be easier on the planet and the wallet. Bidets are contraptions attached to a water source that is used to clean and wash the user without having to use toilet paper. It uses water that in some models can be warm so it is safe and comfortable for the user.

It is also easy to use and provides an alternative for those who would want to contribute to helping conserve trees and water. Although the bidets became available in the country a few years back they did not become popular overnight although those with Asian backgrounds did welcome them. Until first-class hotels and resorts have updated their toilets with bidet seats and it has become the craze as it is a bit easier to use and has some very cool features that make it the in thing nowadays.

What is a bidet seat? Bathroom toilet

What is a Bidet Seat Guide

A bidet seat is by design a bidet but instead of it being attached with a cable or hose it is just attached to the toilet and pretty much functions in the same way but with a remote, so you can control the flow and pressure of the water from the bidet nozzles. The bidet seat is a curious invention but it does solve the preferences of customers in the market for a bidet that is automatic and quite functional.

For some people, this can be quite strange as we have not been used to having bidet seats in our toilets. However, it is only made for the large elongated shapes of toilets may be because it can accommodate the different features of the bidet seat. But the regular size bidet seats will be available soon. If you want to update your toilet and put in something that has the wow factor and one that you will enjoy using then get your very own bidet seat.

There are now many bidets seat models in the market and each one has its unique features, for one some can come with a nightlight, a remote control, automatic heaters, and heated seats as well as deodorizers. The more advanced designs have modern and classical lid designs that are eye-catching and complement any bathroom style, it also has automatic lids which can open and close when you get near and move away from the toilet seat through proximity sensors.

You can also control the opening and closing of the lid through remote control. This kind of bidet seat is way cooler than most and it would seem that you have just gotten yourself a toilet reminiscent of futuristic movies. However, those kinds of models are quite expensive and would not be suitable if you have a small cramped toilet. But renovating your home bathrooms so you can get a bidet seat is not a bad idea.

Currently, bidet seats are available in large home improvement stores and the basic and less expensive models are selling quite well, while the more advanced models are not as fast-moving, but there is a thriving market for them and most of them are pre-order, which means that there is a waiting list for it. If you are interested in getting the high-end bidet seats, then you need to put in an order and wait for them to become available. So, if you are renovating your bathroom to update the look and because you want to put in a new bidet seat, then you need to plan or order the bidet seat ahead of time.

Bidet seats come with a variety of features and it can be fun to get one with all those unique features but the choice of which can be based on how many those functions you need and want to have as well as the amount that you are willing to spend. If you want to go all out, then get those with automatic functions and there is even one with a blacklight so you can use it for those late-night bathroom trips.

But if the budget is tight, then you could settle for the less expensive ones with just the basic features. The most important thing is that it has the bidet functions that you need, and at least the water is heated as you would not want cold water hitting your skin. You can always upgrade when the budget permits and there will be better models in the future too.

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Although bidet seats have been gaining popularity, there are still those who feel that it is not sanitary and may even transmit germs because of their features. Some are still grossed out by the use of water when they have been used to using toilet paper. Some would even be grossed out about it and would feel uncomfortable with the water spraying on their skin. It would also be seen as unnecessary by some and just an expensive toilet seat. Besides toilet paper is way cheaper and it has been used for the longest time there is nothing wrong with cleaning yourself with toilet paper.

Some people would not find bidet seats necessary or even worth the price tag, while others may see it as a lifesaver and doing their part to help the environment. Toilet papers are made from tree pulp and by using bidet seats they eliminate the need to use toilet papers and thereby decreasing the need to cut down trees. Others might argue that trees would still be cut and toilet paper would still be made, and it does not make that much of a difference.

However, it is a personal choice and it would not hurt to help the environment and maybe change the way people think about conserving water and trees. Bidet seats are here to stay and there will probably be a time when all homes would have bidets and every public toilet, until then you will find it an enjoyable addition to your home bathrooms.

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