Due to Covid Should All New Homes Have Ventilation Systems Tips, Pandemic healthy interior guide

Due to Covid Should All New Homes Have Ventilation Systems?

17 Aug 2020

Due to covid must homes get ventilation systems

Covid-19 isn’t expected to go away anytime soon. This is a virus that we will be dealing with for some time yet. Anything that we can do to reduce the virus’ spread and limit its transmissibility will shorten that time. Adding ventilation systems to new homes is one such measure.

Keeping Your Home Clean

First of all, let’s talk about how Covid can into your home. Lots of people assume that they will know if they have come into contact with the coronavirus because they will start to feel ill, even if they only have mild symptoms. However, this isn’t quite how things work. For one thing, people who are infected will be pre-symptomatic for around 14 days and may remain asymptomatic. But just because a carrier is not experiencing symptoms from covid, that doesn’t mean that the virus isn’t able to reproduce and spread.

If someone you live with is exposed to the virus, they can bring it into your home and end up contaminating surfaces and air without even realising it. This is why washing your hands regularly is so important, as is covering your face when you cough or sneeze. Both of these simple things will significantly reduce the amount of the virus that an infected person can shed.

Stay Home, Stay Safe

Although the world is slowly and cautiously beginning to reopen after locking down for covid, many people are still working from home and will be for the foreseeable future. For a lot of families, this means having more members of the household at home at any one time. With more people packed into an enclosed space, it is easier for the virus to spread between them.

It is just as important that people take precautions while they are inside their own home as it is when they are outside. Lots of people are under the misapprehension that they have no control over the air quality in their homes. However, anyone can have a new ventilation system installed to improve airflow.

How Can Better Ventilation Help?

If someone is infected with the virus and is shedding it, then they will continuously be spreading it. Just breathing will release the virus slowly into the air, whereas coughing and sneezing will release a large amount of the virus at once. If you cough or sneeze into your hand, any virus will land on your hand and then be transferred to any surfaces that you touch. That’s why you need to make sure to wash your hands as often as you can.

But even if you wash your hands regularly and wipe down every surface in your home daily, coronavirus might still be present in the air inside your home. One of the critical advantages of ventilation systems for houses is that they keep the air in your home flowing and prevent any pollutants and particles, including coronavirus, from accumulating.

Installing ventilation systems in new homes going forward seems like an easy thing we could do to limit the spread of the virus. Improving airflow in indoor spaces more generally should be a priority going forward, as it will make it much harder for the virus to spread.

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