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Dispensary Design Trends for 2022

24 Aug 2022

Dispensary Design Trends for 2022 California

Design plays the role of product presentation in the mind of the consumer, therefore it has one of the decisive roles in the planning of commercial production. Learn about the main trends in the interior design of places where you can officially and freely purchase cannabis.

If the theater begins with a wardrobe, then a good legal cannabis venue starts with the apt design. For a dispensary in Los Angeles, it’s like a business card of the product. The competent arrangement will not only pay attention but set the client in the right mood and create a positive image of the product in his mind, which will inspire him to return and recommend this place to others.

In order to be modern and meet the latest trends of the year 2022, it is worth knowing the current points in order to take them into account in the design of your location.

Large space

If there is an opportunity to increase the space, it is better to do it. It will profitably distinguish the producer from the competition and attract more attention – of course, you will need more assortment.

Large space allows you to feel freedom and is especially relevant in the era of the pandemic when people have become even less fond of gatherings with other people. A large space where everyone can feel free, think, read the menu and choose – is very important for many potential customers who are more willing to visit your location.

Laboratory cleanliness

The client should get an impression of cleanliness from viewing the assortment, so it is worth taking care of a perfect, aesthetic design. It should evoke a hygienic sensation, whether it is medical or recreational cannabis. A restrained palette is relevant, for example, white and black showcase cannabis, which will maintain the impression of balance.

Bright light

Lighting plays an important role in the design of a cannabis store. A cabinet with many shelves with goods that will be under bright light is suitable. Customers should be able to see the cannabis well, and if possible, even smell it. If there is a problem with the main lighting, you can use an illuminated rack.

Color accents

The laboratory purity and monochrome basis of the decor do not mean complete immersion in this color scheme. A few colorful accents will not interfere with your interior. They will add playfulness to the general atmosphere. It can be colored elements of decor or interesting lighting – to make accents. But do not overdo it – the dispensary should not resemble a nightclub or New Year’s party. Make some good points to highlight the products you want. It will look stylish, refined, and full of meaning.

50 shades of green

A place where selective cannabis is sold must have green colors. It is noted that this is one of the trends of 2022. The author of the book “The Psychology of Design: The Color Green” Christy Wharton writes: “The color green evokes a feeling of abundance, is associated with rest, peace, security.” You and I know that the green color is also associated with cannabis, which gives us peace and rest.

So feel free to implement green. Add it to white to draw attention to the products. Pots with herbs will also be useful, and green acrylic stands with your company name, brand or logo will perfectly present your product. The LED display with marijuana is also very relevant in this sense. In short, create, experiment!

Comfortable exploring space

Dispensary Design Trends for 2022

Customers must have free, unhindered access to menus and products. Providing a comfortable space that would avoid crowding is a very important condition and a modern trend. Every step of the customer should be thought through by design.

Depending on the size of the pharmacy and the specifics, you can organize the space conditionally in three ways.

Grid Path

This is a space, where the product is displayed in rows. This kind of format can fit perfectly into large dispensaries, where the selection of cannabis is overwhelming. People will walk between the rows, like in a shopping center, and calmly look at the goods.

Free Flow Path

On the contrary, this format is suitable for small shops, where each client can receive an individual approach to himself from a consultant. With this design, the shelves diverge from the corner in different directions, which creates a small space for a comfortable location for people who leisurely contemplate the menu.

Loop Path

In this case, customers go one way past the display windows with goods and gradually go to the checkout. The advantage of such planning is that it allows you to review all products without missing them. In order to direct people in the right direction, you can install structures made of liquid chromed glass. This type of planning is suitable for both large dispensaries and small shops.

These are the generally accepted trends of 2022. But if you have your own creative ideas for interior design, it is quite likely that they will not only be successful but will become a recognizable business card of your brand.

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