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Design Trends Popular for Land-Based Casinos

15 Feb 2021

Design Trends Popular in Land-Based Casinos
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Brick and mortar casinos have been facing a decline since the emergence of virtual gambling destinations. The pandemic has also made things worse for this industry. Countries that permit gambling still have land-based destinations that attract both locals and tourists.

Online casinos provide most services and products that the land-based casinos have but the ambiance. The gambling world has around for many years away from the internet. People frequent such establishments for the casino experience. What most of them do not realize is that the architecture of the place influences the ambiance.

Online casinos try to avail this experience using the live games category, but it is not the same. A video of a live dealer in a physical location is streamed to gamers wherever they are. This is the closest players come to a live casino experience, but the effects are not the same since the location does not include the other patrons, as is the case with a land-based establishment.

Live casino games require the player to have a robust internet connection to avoid getting kicked out in the middle of the game. Reading the terms and conditions of the live games category is vital for understanding what happens to their stake when the internet connection is interrupted. Here are some of the popular design trends in brick-and-mortar casinos that attract gamers to the various locations.

No windows

Anyone who has been to a land-based casino will attest to the fact that most, if not all, of them, do not have windows. This is a classic trend that operators have been using to look at players in the reality of the casino and draw them away from the daily life that is outside the establishment.

With no natural light coming in, the patrons are lost in the gambling world, helping them remove the outside world from their minds. This environment also makes the gamer forget to track time; hence they spend more time and money in the casino. The inside of a casino is transformed into a fantasy world that prompts gamblers to spend more with the hope of landing a significant payout, yet the odds always favor the house.


A land-based casino is a controlled environment where sound and light are manipulated to achieve specific effects. The lack of natural lights makes it easier for the light inside the establishment to be altered to fit a particular purpose. This, coupled with the smart placement of furnishings and other décor items, leads players to impulsive gaming sessions that help the casino make more money.  

The design places restrooms and other utilities further into the establishment. This is a tactic that ensures that players get to see most of the games available in the casino, increasing the possibility of trying new games. This trend has been facing a decline in recent years as some architects prefer to use open atmosphere designs that allow natural light into the establishment. Most casinos are yet to pick up this new trend.

Luxurious interiors

The era of spending money in dingy casinos is long gone. In the contemporary world, casino operators have improved the interior of the establishments to assure players that they are playing a reputable casino. Multiplexes have replaced the backstreet gambling dens with state-of-the-art furnishings. This is another tactic that casinos use to get the players to spend more.

The operators make the patron comfortable while availing multiple services within the same premises. Bars, designated smoking areas, and cafes are some of the things that you will not miss in a casino. Architects plan the floor layout of such businesses to ensure that the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning works well—all these for the patrons’ comfort.

Low ceilings, disorienting carpet, and maze-like designs are also popular trends. They help suck the gamers deeper into the world of gaming. Manipulation of colors and design elements is also evident in virtual gambling destinations. Most sites feature dark graphics that are gentle on the eye; hence, gamblers can stay on the website for long without straining.

Most people think that dark themes are used to make the neon colors pop, but this is not the online intention. Knowing these design trends is vital for a gambler to help maintain responsible gaming habits. Another exciting aspect of brick-and-mortar casinos is the lack of clocks. Gamers should always look out for the design features in both land-based and online casinos to avoid getting trapped in them for long hours.

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