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Crosby Studios Elevating Art Design With Anastasiia Pestrikova As Project Manager

27 Sep 2022

Crosby Studios Elevating Art Design With Anastasiia Pestrikova

Crosby Studios

Crosby Studios is taking front and center stage in the design space for their innovative and eccentric ideas to dress up real life as if it were part of a digital space.

“When you watch sci-fi movies, the scenery and landscape often jumps out at you for being futuristic and edgy,” shares Anastasiia Pestrikova, the project manager of Crosby Studios, “We want to bring that into reality. We want to create digital assets in real life. We want our designs to mimic what we see in cyberspace.”

The project manager has already handled ambitious projects such as the one spearheaded by Zero10, an AR application that will open the door to digital-esque designs to consumers. During the New York Fashion Week in 2022, Crosby Studios staged a pop-up shop that featured a clothingless retail experience with pieces designed by Harry Nuriev, the founder of Crosby Studios – see

Re’Casetify couch by Crosby Studios

Some of his notable works include the Re’Casetify couch that getting people talking is something that Crosby Studios is passionate about because they believe that it is only in starting a conversation that can enact change.

The couch was made with mosaic from old recycled phone cases and really spoke to the masses about the importance of reusing, reducing, and recycling, as part of the efforts to become more sustainable.

“We are doing something completely different,” explains Pestrikova, “Working on this project with Casetify is an attempt to get people to slow down and change consumerism for the better. While we are designing this couch, it’s also a reminder that retail can be sustainable.”

The Casetify project was made more than a year ago and Pestrikova was able to work collaboratively while stationed in the Crosby Studios branch, where she has managed to wow Harry’s eclectic ideas.

Crosby Cafe project at Dover Street Market Paris.

Cobalt blue is one of their signature colors and they have injected it into their Crosby Cafe project at Dover Street Market Paris. As with everything that Nuriev does, it isn’t just one solid idea, but a culmination of experiences. The space serves as a cafe, giving visitors a chance to taste Crosby Blue bites – all of which are a bright cobalt blue – it is also a space for a combination of activities, such as exhibitions, live shows and fairs.

“We’ve merged interior design with art, we’ve added art into cafe and retail, and there’s undiscovered potential everywhere that Crosby Studios can tap into the transform,” Pestrikova explains, “A big part of being a project manager is to be creative and practical. Practical in the sense that it has the potential to be executed well, creative in the sense that it has to be something new, and never seen before.”

We can expect to see great and more innovative projects in the near future with Anastasiia Pestrikova as project manager, leading Crosby Studios above and beyond what currently exists as the benchmark for creative excellence.

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