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5 Things You Should Consider When Designing a Living Room

29 January 2024

Consider when designing a living room

As your home’s most frequented and utilized space, the living room should be thoughtfully designed and arranged to accommodate this. It serves as your personal space to assemble loved ones, unwind, delve into books, catch up on beloved TV shows, and provide entertainment.

More often than not, it’s the broadest room in your dwelling, ideally positioned in the middle, and is typically adorned with an array of items including furniture, a TV, perhaps a surround sound or entertainment system,  pictures, rugs, sofas, decorations, among other things. It’s imperative that you carefully consider various design methods and practical elements when you eventually decide to refurbish and restructure the layout of this crucial room in your home.

Select with Purpose

A disorganized space can induce stress in any environment. Despite the desire to incorporate numerous elements into your living room’s design, cleanliness should not be overlooked. Carefully choose each item, ensuring every piece contributes meaningfully to the living room’s ambiance.

While technology has conditioned us to value speed, creating art demands patience. Reflect on what you want your living room to communicate about you and how it should evoke feelings within you each time you step into it. In the context of living room design, every object in the space should bring you joy.

Integrate Storage Solutions into Your Living Room

Despite your best efforts to maintain a perfect living room, it somehow becomes a magnet for clutter. Consider storage solutions in your living room design. Address this issue by eliminating unneeded furniture and check out PeraDesign for pieces with multiple uses instead.

Position both closed and open shelves strategically around your room; the former to hide away your trinkets and children’s toys and the latter to showcase your valued decorative items. Look for adaptable furniture such as storage ottomans, console tables, and coffee tables with extra storage options.

Focus on the Walls

Wall decorations are a vital component in the design of your living room and shouldn’t be neglected, leaving these walls bare is not an option. Such decor can take various forms, including paintings, photographs, personal portraits, or wallpapers.

Decorating your walls provides the perfect chance to inject charm into your room. Remember to consider your overall design concept when picking out the decor. While aspiring for a breathtaking room is fine, try not to overcrowd every part of your living room walls with embellishments.

You can set up a gallery wall, display a prominent artwork, or position a mirror to reflect light and give you the illusion of a more spacious living room. Alternatively, you might want to adorn your walls with wallpapers and colored tiles to create a truly captivating space.

Light your Living Room

Illuminating your living room is a prime consideration for achieving an ideal space. If your room has ample natural light, it’s advisable to incorporate the best lighting strategies. Choose lighting that provides sufficient brightness in the area. The placement of the lights is just as crucial, so determine it according to your layout plan. Ensure that the lights are not positioned directly behind a spot designated for a cupboard.

Styling a Living Room Using Rugs

Selecting the appropriate rug defines your living space. They serve as excellent tools to establish your personal space. Opt for a rug that’s larger than your seating area. A rug of this size can give the illusion of a more spacious room than what it actually is.

Choosing a bigger rug than anticipated often works best. However, avoid dividing the main traffic routes and ensure the front legs of sofas or chairs are on the rug. A rug doesn’t always have to make a dramatic statement. Styling a living room with rugs involves considering numerous factors. Select a rug with the right texture, color, and pattern that harmoniously aligns with the overall decor.


Transforming and revamping your living room is a venture you can truly immerse yourself in. It provides the opportunity to design the perfect space for your family to reside, unwind, have fun, and host gatherings.

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