Common plumbing issues people face tips

Common plumbing issues people face Tips, Safe Building Work Guide

Common plumbing issues people face

28 May 2020

Common plumbing issues people face tips

Plumbing issues usually come in many forms, be it minor, expensive or inexpensive. And in this article, we’ll be talking about common plumbing issues which may result in a need of plumbing work.

Those issues include:

1.Shower Drain or Clogged Bath

Oftentimes, the clogs of soap and hair block up bath as well as shower drains. And clearing the blockage often requires a plunger.

But baking soda can be useful as well because it can dissolve the clog. However, if you won’t solve the problem in time and properly, it may get worse over time. But you can avoid or even minimize it if you buy a guard for catching the hair.

2.Water Heater

This problem typically shows itself when you are in a shower and you notice that the water goes cold all of a sudden. There are several issues which damage a water heater.

A pilot light often goes out which you need to re-lit. Additionally, sediment build-up in a tank often causes many problems as well. And in another case, it’s the fault of a damaged thermostat.

Generally speaking, you’ll need a professional for inspecting, maintaining and fixing a water heater, unless the issue is something minor or basic, such as a re-lighting the pilot light.

3.Water Hammer

Water hammer is a certain specific plumbing noise rather than a generic name for a pipe clatter. It typically occurs when you try to shut off the water suddenly after which the fast-moving water that rushes through a pipe is brought to a halt abruptly, creating a shock wave alongside with a hammering noise. A water hammer when opening tap can be very disruptive and quickly get on your nerves.

Plumbing that is installed properly consists of air chambers, or cushions, which compress when a shock wave hits, softening a blow while preventing the hammering. However, sometimes those chambers may fail. And why does that occur? Because water under pressure keeps absorbing the air gradually.

If you never had hammering before and then you notice that it suddenly starts, the plumbing system’s air chambers must be at fault because they have become waterlogged.

You can try curing a water hammer by turning off the water behind a waterlogged chamber, after which you should open the offending faucet and permit a faucet to drain thoroughly.

After all the water finally drains from a chamber, air will start filling it again, restoring the cushion. If an air chamber is located below an outlet, then you may need to drain the main supply lines for allowing a chamber to fill with air again.

4.Clogged Toilet

When a toilet bowl starts filling up and then doesn’t drain away, there’s a clog. What causes this blockage? The mixture of human waste and paper. You can fix clogged toilets with plunger. Or you can try using a drain auger or sewer snake for loosening up a blockage.

Final Thoughts

As can be seen, when it comes to plumbing issues, there are many kinds of it you have to face.

However, when you have the information about the kinds of things which may go wrong, you’ll be able to successfully prevent or minimize them.

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