Pest control prevention steps building homes

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Pest Control Prevention Steps

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22 Jan 2019

Pest Control Prevention Tips for Home Design & Construction

When building properties there’s lots of thought that goes into the aesthetics and of course creature comforts. But how much thought is actually given to pest prevention that if not done may cause problems in the future?

Pest control prevention steps building homes

Pest Control Prevention steps when designing and building homes

For example it’s quite common when pest control companies go to properties that have a rat or mouse issue the problem has been caused by a drain, that wasn’t capped off during building works. Moving a sink in the kitchen may give a nice look but if the old pipe is not covered it gives a nice way in for rodents to set up shop in the home. Check out this guide on how to reduce the threat of pest infestation.

Things can be done that don’t need the floor to be taken up such as fitting a non-return valve. They are a one-way door that is put on a drain so that rats can leave the property into the drain (as can waste), but then not return.

Another common issue in the home is bed bugs. In fact it’s a growing problem mostly due to the increase of air travel and therefore hotel stays. Bringing bed bugs home can be extremely stressful as they feed while their food (you!) sleeps. To stop bed bugs biting there are various ways. The most modern is to use heat treatments much like Pure Pest Solution’s Puratak system which can get rid of the bed bugs in one day guaranteed. But of course the question is how can bedroom design stop the bites?

There isn’t too much that can stop them entering the house however once inside to stop the spread make sure all bed rooms are as sealed as possible helps. The next time you stay in a hotel look at the skirting boards. Most modern hotels will be sealed all the way along the skirting boards with mastic.

This simple idea means the bugs cannot get inside the walls and travel to other rooms. Getting bed bugs in the home is stressful but of course can cause all sorts of issues for a business. The dreaded bad trip advisor reviews can cause real damage of reputation. The main thing to do if bed bugs are discovered is to do something about them, as they are very unlikely to disappear on their own.

Finally a pest control design flaw that is common in the UK is when it comes to the installation of solar panels.  If not properly proofed birds can nest under them causing a lot of issues. Bird droppings are acidic so can cause damage to the panels but also the roof.

As with many things in life these can be sorted and cleaned out but it is the most efficient if bird proofing is done when they are installed in the first place. Usually a spike or netting system is used and typically a day’s work with two specialists can fix the issues. To summarise there are some changes to design and build that can be undertaken to reduce pest problems in the home either starting or in the case of bed bugs spreading through the property once they have made home.

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