Buildings Made from Shipping Containers

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5 Impressive Buildings Made from Shipping Containers

21 Feb 2023

Buildings Made from Shipping Containers
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Shipping containers can be used for more than cargo. Architects from around the world know that these “sea cans” can be extremely useful as building materials, too. Read about some of the most unique buildings made from shipping containers and get inspired.

The Devil’s Corner (Australia)

The architecture firm Cumulus Studio created The Devil’s Corner for the Brown Brothers winery in Tasmania, Australia. The Devil’s Corner is divided into two sections: the Cellar Door and the Lookout. The Cellar Door is a collection of timber-clad shipping containers where guests can enjoy wine and food in full view of the surrounding vineyard. The Lookout is a tower made of connected containers. Visitors can climb up the tower to get a better view of the landscape.

The Starburst House (United States of America)

The Whitaker Studio built The Starburst House in Joshua Tree, California. The building is composed of multiple stark-white shipping containers connected to form the shape of a starburst. Every starburst “point” ends with a large window, giving the residents clear views of the sprawling desert from all angles. The studio wanted the windows to frame the outdoors like a photographer frames an image with their camera lens.

The Manifesto House (Chile)

The architecture firm James & Mau built The Manifesto House for Infiniski Sustainable Architecture and Construction. The firm created a property that matched its values of sustainability and eco-consciousness. The design prioritized recycled and prefabricated materials, like shipping containers and previously used wooden pallets.

Rare Lakefront Shipping Container Cabin (Canada)

The Rare Lakefront Shipping Container Cabin was built by the award-winning architect David Penner. The geometric building is made up of white and yellow converted shipping containers, including a tower with a balcony overlooking the lakefront. The interior is built to help visitors get through cold winter weather, with heated floorboards and a woodfire stove.

The Grillagh River House (Ireland)

Patrick Bradley of Patrick Bradley Architects designed The Grillagh River House for himself. It sits on his farm in Northern Ireland. He built the house out of four stacked shipping containers. The upper level of the house is cantilevered over the ground level, creating plenty of room for sleek glass-enclosed balconies. Bradley admitted to being inspired by Frank Llyod Wright’s Fallingwater house when planning this home construction.

Using Shipping Containers for Buildings

As you can see from these architectural designs, shipping containers make for excellent building materials in all climates. They can create a comfortable retreat in the middle of the California desert and a cozy hideaway in the frigid Canadian prairie. They can put together a unique home design, no matter where you’re based.

How do you get started on your own design? If you’re interested in putting together your own shipping container building, you will need to find a reliable resource for new and used shipping containers. For that, you can go to the website and browse through its options for top-quality containers that are nearest to your location. Once you’ve made your purchases, you can arrange to have your containers delivered directly to your site. You do not have to pick them up yourself.

Get inspired by these incredible architects around the world. Build something beautiful out of shipping containers!

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