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UK’s best small cities that you can invest your money in 2022

23 Mar 2022

Property investment is always a major milestone, and one must choose the best possible areas and locations to invest their money. London is clearly amongst the biggest metropolises not just in Britain, but in the world! But when it comes to property, regional markets have taken over due to a multitude of factors.

There are many different types of property available in the various regions of the United Kingdom, as the housing market is quite diverse. As with everything on the market, each type of property serves its purpose, depending on various factors.

Best UK small cities to invest your money in 2022

In this article, we will explore all the small cities where one can invest in property this year. We will cover various locations like Liverpool, Glasgow, Sheffield, Bracknell, Edinburgh, Leeds, Newcastle, Nottingham, Manchester, and Birmingham.

The major metrics are used to measure how good these places are for investment. This includes property prices, demographics, rental yields, population, and Buy-to-Let opportunities, along with the road and transport amenities.

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Liverpool, the home of the Beatles, is well known for having some of the best properties on the market, especially around locations like the Baltic Triangle. It is leading in the race among the best places to invest in 2022.

Liverpool has one of the highest rental yields in the UK, at a solid 4.82%. The property prices at the moment stand at £188,948 on average, and according to the estimates of JLL, the prices will rise by a whopping 28% in the next four years!


The Scottish city is slowly rising in importance concerning property investment opportunities. Projections show that the Glasgowegian economy will perform on an equal standing to the capital city of Edinburgh over the next five years.

The average property prices currently stand at £204,007, with an average rental yield of 5.31%. The prices are touted to rise by 24.4% over the next 5 years, owing to the Glasgow Council’s various policies to encourage a population rise in the city.


Sheffield is slowly emerging into the status of a city and is showing really good potential. Sheffield’s local authority is making proposals for many development projects, which will see the average property price see a growth of 14.54% from the current £215,203.

According to Zoopla, Sheffield was also one of the top performers’ post lockdowns, as there was a 20% jump in sales afterwards.


The South-Eastern town is seeing rapid development and a rise in property investments. This is since in Bracknell, many major corporations are operating, such as 3M, Dell, and Microsoft.Here’s an incredulous fact; the property rises saw a 200% rise in the past two decades, yet stands at an affordable average of £377,945. The proximity to London is yet another advantage offered by Bracknell. Thus, the property market targets young, commuting professionals to sell and let property too.


The capital of Scotland has shown a clear rise in prices over the past decade. The perfect blend of the archaic and modern, Edinburgh will show up to a 24.4% rise in property prices from the current £316,791.

The rapid rise in pricing has however negatively impacted the average rental yield, but it still stands strong at 5.35%.


This Northern city is popular among investors looking for long-term rental yields. According to some estimates, 73% of the 800,000 people are renting, which makes it ideal for people seeking tenants.

The average property price currently stands at £232,617, and the average rental yield is 5.76. The price growth projection for the next five years is 15.30%.


One of the major cities of the North, Newcastle’s property yields are currently at an all-time high of 5.23%! Newcastle University has among the highest graduate retention rates in the UK, making it ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups to set up shop.

The current property prices stand at £215,355, and the growth in the next five years would be around 8.26%.


Nottingham is a smaller town among the locations mentioned in this list, yet, it is emerging as a major economic centre, making it ideal for property investments.

Nottingham is also a major educational hub due to the presence of two major universities nearby. The super-speciality Queens Medical Centre is another major asset to the region. The average price right now stands at £230,522 and is projected to grow by a massive 19.26% in the next 5 years.


One of the main centres since the times of the Industrial Revolution, Manchester is a major Northern powerhouse.

Major projects in the pipeline like the Great North Rail projects are rapidly driving up property prices. It is also a commercial and technological hub, so it is a top favourite among the best places to invest in the UK. The average property costs £208,792, and in five years, this will rise by 20.69%.


This city will host the Commonwealth Games in 2022, thus making it one of the fastest-growing regions over the next five years according to many estimates.

The property prices stand at £214,696 on average and will rise by 17.44% by 2025.

On An Ending Note

With each passing generation, a new location takes over the market. This is due to the increase in living costs and property prices, and of course, the preferences of buyers. There is constant leaning towards smaller, more economically and ecologically viable properties these days.

With any financial and property transactions, there come many things which you need to legally sort out. We advise you to consult professionals with experience in the property market and make good use of their recommendations. A good real estate agent will suggest houses for you from the cream-of-the-crop, thus, helping you find your ideal home!

Thus, do consider hiring a good legal advisor and property agency to be able to navigate your property transactions smoothly and efficiently!

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