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Best Neighborhoods in Fort Worth to Live in

Sep 22, 2022

Best Neighborhoods in Fort Worth to Live in

Fort Worth, one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, is a contemporary southern metropolis. It is not surprising that Fort Worth is regarded as one of the greatest locations to live in Texas, given its rich culture, business prospects, and vibrant entertainment areas. In addition, there is no dearth of residences that match your lifestyle requirements, given the availability of inexpensive housing and excellent real estate.

While relocating is typically difficult in and of itself, finding a community that fulfills all of your requirements may be daunting. Here we compiled this neighborhood reference to help you find the most desirable communities in Fort Worth by examining numerous aspects, such as property type, cost, safety, and proximity to services.

Fort Worth’s Best Neighborhoods


Population – 55,783

Median Home Value – $450,000

Median Income – $40,034

Located in the Southside sector, the historic neighborhood of Fairmount is home to twenty subdivisions in all. Fairmount, situated adjacent to Magnolia Avenue, a prominent area filled with fantastic eateries and interesting coffee shops, combines small towns with urban life. Fairmount is ideal for young professionals, families, and seniors since it is inexpensive and offers people access to excellent schools and services. Magnolia Avenue features both gorgeous residences and an abundance of activities. Fairmount, the biggest historical neighborhood in the Southwestern United States, is filled with beautiful and attractive homes.


Population – 3,984

Median Home Value – $220,695

Median Income – $61,458

Rivercrest, which is renowned as one of the most desirable and premium neighborhoods in Fort Worth, is surely noteworthy. Families and young couples make up the majority of the community’s residents, who enjoy a tranquil and laid-back environment. This area, which is adjacent to Downtown Fort Worth, is the ideal combination of urban and suburban living and is a pleasant escape from the city.

Crestline Road, perched on a bluff that overlooks the river, is home to some of the city’s most stunning residences. There are many golfers and families with children in this neighborhood, which is bordered by forested areas and walking pathways.


Population – 5,314

Median Home Value – $543,000

Median Income – $36,532

Westcliff is a popular residential area for college students and parents due to its proximity to the well-regarded Texas Christian University. Southwest of Downtown Fort Worth, Westcliff is home to a variety of medium-sized, middle-class homes. This area is fantastic for all income brackets and is an ideal option for first-time homeowners due to its picturesque setting.

It is surprising that the population continues to increase because of easy access to facilities such as upscale shopping and eating, parks, and profitable enterprises. If you have always desired to live in a peaceful community with excellent schools, you may want to consider relocating to Westcliff.

Central Meadowbrook

Population – 6,214

Median Home Value – $260,147

Median Income – $29,213

Best Neighborhoods in Fort Worth to Live in

Central Meadowbrook Fort Worth is a magnificent place to reside. It is a beautiful area in a bustling metropolis. There are several mature, big trees and wonderful communal gardens in the region. Fort Worth, a large city in the U.S. state of Texas, has a thriving employment market with several possibilities in various industries.

Central Meadowbrook has a low cost of living and several entertainment options. The median asking price for a property in Central Meadowbrook was $260,000. Central Meadowbrook provides several inclusive work possibilities in various industries. The retail, health care, and food services industries constitute the backbone of the economy, but there are numerous chances in other fields as well.

Arlington Heights

Population – 30,403

Median Home Value – $387,500

Median Income – $65,522

Arlington Heights, located just north of Interstate 30 and below Camp Bowie Boulevard, is an ideal area for families and millennials. The majority of the neighborhood consists of suburban homes, providing sufficient space for individuals who value privacy while being accessible to a variety of activities.

Next to the Cultural Area, Arlington Heights provides convenient access to some of Fort Worth’s finest institutions. It is also only a 10-minute drive to West 7th, where there are several restaurants, stores, and cinemas. The majority of the residences are quaint craftsman-style dwellings that serve both fresh graduates and families.

Many neighborhoods in Fort Worth are both secure and reasonably priced. It doesn’t matter if you’re relocating to Fort Worth for a job or just for a change of scenery; you’ll find a community that suits your needs. We created this Fort Worth neighborhood guide to assist you to choose a safe and welcoming community that meets all of your requirements. Fort Worth, Texas, offers a variety of neighborhoods to choose from, each with its own set of pros and cons depending on your price range and property needs.

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