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Top Ways to Elevate Your Home Décor with Attractive Candles and Decorative Candle Holder

20 July 2023

As far as home décor options are concerned, candles have always been preferred. It is because they are ideal for creating a vibe of serene ambiance while adding some mystic appearance and smelling amazing at the same time. Beautiful votive candle holders paired with fragrant candles, help in creating a relaxing atmosphere while serving as welcoming.

In addition to this, votive candle holders are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. At the same time, candles of varying fragrances and sizes used individually or in clusters can serve as decorating pieces in several ways.

Attractive candles and decorative candle holder

Votive Candle Holders in Bedrooms and Living Areas

Light some candles on elongated decorative candle holders or place the candles of varying sizes in a cluster, and voila, your place attains a dressed-up look. Look for a perfect corner in your room and place the candle holder suitably to light up your favourite nook.

You can consider placing floating candles in metallic silver or gold hues on console tables, or on a cabinet to create a warm glow while adding notes of freshness to uplift the overall senses. You can also consider adding colorful beads in water to bring about the creative touch. Yet another creative idea is to place fragrant candles in decorative lanterns or brass candle holders indoors for the perfect elegant look.

Attractive candles and decorative candle holder

Designer Candle Holders on Kitchen Slabs and Dining Table

Candles in transparent glass can appear immensely attractive. Prepare a beautiful, organic atmosphere by keeping candles on the dining table or across decorative mirrors such that they reflect even more elegantly. The presence of crystal or reflective candle holders appears luxe while help in displaying the actual pattern or color on the candles. On the dining table, blend designer candle holders with flower vases, hard-cover books, and you have achieved the perfectly-looking dining table.

Elaborate Candle Holders in Bathrooms

Wish to impart your bathroom an eclectic, decorative touch? Fragrant, designer candles in bathroom décor can make your small space appear aesthetic effortlessly. Group your favourite candles in a candle holder in a corner and freshen up your area in no time.

You can consider using pillar candles in bright hues to add some classic style statements. Candles placed in assorted heights by your bathtub can be the ultimate shining star. Opt for votive candle holders in bathrooms to enhance the overall look.

Creating Candle Centerpieces

Centerpieces in any home décor help in adding a touch of unmatched charm. Whether you are revamping the sofa table or your dining table, you can leverage pillar candles in varying heights and shades, candles in tins, or candles in decorative glass candle holders that complement the overall color scheme. Additionally, you can think of utilizing candles that appear like balls or square-shaped, or even stars to add immense character to the existing space.

Moreover, you can think of placing a tray for framing the centerpiece while finishing the look with decorative pebbles or dried flowers. You can also infuse fragrance to the space by using fragrant candles.

Candles, in the form of dining table centerpieces, appear immensely decorative. At the same time, these also help in adding an inviting feel to the existing space. The entire look is simple to put together and can be easily changed by removing or adding decorative pieces to the arrangement.

Pleasant Porch Lighting and Decorative Candles

A beautiful candle arrangement on a patio table is ideal for your perfect time outdoors. Nothing will beat the vibe of a starry night within the warm glow of the candle as you sip your favourite drink under the moonlight.

Attractive candles and decorative candle holder

Dangling Candle Lights to Elevate Your Home Interiors

Dangling lights in your home décor can infuse a stunning effect to any space. Whether you consider buying them from a store or designing them yourself, you have multiple options. You can also consider purchasing decorative candle lanterns to create the look you want. The idea is not just for interior decoration. You can also consider creating your oasis outdoors with the help of dangling candle lighting.

Window Appeal with Fragrant Candles

Do you enjoy spending your leisure time sitting by the window watching people, reading books, or relishing nature? You can consider adding warmth by placing candles across the window pane. There is nothing more appealing than the warmth of the hanging candles, preferably in decorative candle holders.

Attractive candles and decorative candle holder – Conclusion

Decorative your home beautifully with candles while creating the right ambiance and mood throughout. Explore the distinctive range of exotic fragrant candles and unique candle holders at Pure Home & Living. It is a one-stop destination for exotic and luxurious home décor items and interesting accessories for enhancing your home interiors in no time.

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