Are we healthier in the modern world

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Are We Healthier In The Modern World

16 Feb 2021

While there’s no fixed limit to the human lifespan, the maximum life expectancy of humans is around 100 years. Although not many people have lived to reach that number, the average lifespan of humans has increased, and that can be attributed to the ongoing technological advancement and improved sanitation. No one can argue that we aren’t safer than we used to be decades ago, but are we really healthier in the modern world? This article will attempt to answer this question.

Are we healthier in the modern world

Less Activity And Movement

It’s an understatement to say that the modern human is less active than their ancient counterpart. The sedentary lifestyle that comes with modern life is definitely taking its toll on our bodies and minds. Sitting or lying in the same place for long durations has a negative health impact, scientifically proven. Our ancestors didn’t have the luxury of smartphones, computers, and the wide variety of transportation options that we now have. Of course, it comes with its merits, but indulging in a fully sedentary lifestyle is pretty dangerous to our health.

Air Pollution

We are advancing technologically at a spectacular speed, but only recently have we started to realize the cost of such a pace. Due to mass consumption and the criminal ignorance of many manufacturing companies around the world, the air has become heavily contaminated. Some countries have it worse than others, which can be attributed to a myriad of reasons. However, people all over the world can be negatively affected by modern-day conveniences like air conditioning. Our immunity is becoming much weaker against the allergens in the air, and as mentioned in this article, air conditioning can spread pollen, dust mites, pollution, and mold in the air. If not regularly maintained and cleaned, the indoor air of a house or a workplace can become a breeding ground for allergies and diseases.

Less Socializing

Getting bored back in the old days meant going out and socializing. In fact, socializing with others was a necessity to keep your mental health in check. Nowadays, with screens dominating the majority of our time, socializing dipped in popularity. The more time spent in isolation, the more prone you become to bouts of depression, which can be a slippery slope that causes you to isolate yourself even more. When compared, computer screens are considered more harmful than TV screens due to their boost of prolonged sedentary behavior.

Unhealthy Diets

One would think that the bombardment of healthy options and diets would make modern humans comparatively healthier than their predecessors. The problem is that the pushing of unhealthy diets and processed food is a much stronger force, mainly due to their consumerism-influenced profits. The modern human has far less time than ever to prepare and cook their own meals, which makes quick and delicious food the norm. Unfortunately, the majority of such foods are filled with preservatives and sugars, causing much more problems than they solve to the time-restricted individual.

Obesity is also one of the major problems that plague the modern human, as it can be a combination of a sedentary lifestyle, diseases, unhealthy food, and lack of exercise. Diabetes and high blood pressure are becoming much more common than they used to be. While their medicinal advancements might make them less fatal, they are still serious health maladies that can compromise the quality of life of the afflicted individual.

Lack of Sleep

The lines between rest, exercise, work, and personal life are extremely blurred in modern society. With longer commutes, more screens, and unnatural lights, sleep deprivation is pretty much a logical outcome. The average person requires around 7 hours of sleep, which may seem easy enough to get, but that’s not actually the case. With people spending more time working and sitting in front of screens, their bodies’ natural circadian rhythms become unstable. Without enough sleep, the body’s immune system is significantly weakened, and it becomes prone to various types of illnesses and diseases, not to mention fatigue and stress in the long run.

Drug Abuse

Modern-day life is filled with substances that can promote a myriad of feelings and states of euphoria, from hard drugs to prescribed medicine. Alcohol and nicotine are amongst the most abused substances in the world, and they have a serious negative effect on our psychological and physiological health. Addiction, anxiety, and chronic diseases are usually the result of prolonged substance abuse, not to mention overdosing in the case of certain substances.

modern world health advice

Most people look at the increased life expectancy of humans in the modern world and quickly assume that we have gotten healthier, but that’s not necessarily true. It’s important to pay attention to our environment and social life to stay healthy in the modern world, which can be incredibly challenging due to the fast pace and increasing demands of our lives. Still, we must try our best to prioritize our wellbeing, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

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