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Are Garden Offices the Future of Remote Working in the UK?

15 February 2024

Are garden offices the future of remote working

As more and more people have the option to work remotely from the comfort of their homes instead of going to the office every day, garden offices are becoming a popular solution. Garden offices come with many benefits for freelancers, small business owners, and other workers who can work from home. A garden office is an outbuilding that can be installed in any garden or backyard, that often will not require planning permission, and that will provide a quiet environment where you can focus on your work without interruptions.

Not sure if a garden office is the right choice for you? Keep reading to find out some of the most notable advantages of investing in a garden office.

A garden office is comfortable

If you already enjoy working from home it means that you are already familiar with the added comfort that this entails. Being able to equip your office with your favourite furniture, decorations, and appliances is a big plus. A regular office can be a sterile environment that does not have a lot of appeal and that is not particularly cosy.

When you work from home, however, you get to decorate your work environment and make it comfortable and pleasant. So, if you like to work from home, you will like working from a garden office even more as you will feel more connected to nature, you will have all your work paraphernalia in a single place, and you will be able to decorate the space based on your needs and preferences. Another aspect that adds to the comfort of the garden office is the fact that it is very close to the main house, allowing you to be present for your family whenever they need you.

A garden office helps you have a healthier daily routine

Are garden offices the future of remote working

Another amazing benefit of having a garden office is that you can focus on improving your daily routine. Having a healthy lifestyle is quite difficult when you have to go to work every day. Waking up too early, not having enough time for a healthy breakfast, spending time in traffic, and eating poor-quality lunches, are all things that will sooner or later affect your health.

When you work from a garden office, you get to have more control over your daily routine, you get to wake up a bit later, have more time to plan your meals, and you will not be exposed to traffic stress, noise, and other stressful aspects of the daily commute. In addition to being able to control your diet, you can also spend your work breaks exercising in your garden or even in your garden office. If you invest in a spacious garden office, you can use some of the available space as a home gym.

A garden office is a good long-term investment

A garden office may seem like an expensive purchase at first, but it is actually one of the most affordable ways to extend your home. The price for a garden office can vary based on many different factors such as design, materials, and size, but you can find plenty of high-quality garden offices on the market that have an affordable price. Additionally, this investment will prove to be a good one in the long run.

There are many ways in which you save money by working from home – you don’t spend money on gas, you don’t have to fix your car as often, or you don’t have to pay for public transport. You can also save money on food and drinks as being at home allows you to plan your meals more efficiently. In addition to that, a garden office can increase the value of your home. This means that if you ever want to sell your house, you will most likely get more money than what you initially paid for the garden office and you will sell faster because home additions are quite attractive to buyers.

Garden Offices for Remote Working in the UK Summary

These are just a few of the many benefits that garden offices bring and that make them the future of remote work in the UK. Working from a garden office is a much nicer experience than working from your kitchen table or your bedroom. A garden office is a more professional environment where you won’t be distracted by pets, family members, chores, etc.

Working from home can improve your work/life balance considerably and it is a great way to have more control over your diet and your lifestyle, and a garden office will just enhance these advantages. It is safe to say that a garden office is a modern solution for modern problems and it is a great overall investment.

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