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Home office renovation: how your work environment affects your productivity

13 April 2022

Your environment is a crucial factor in determining how you feel, which is why being in a gloomy place makes you feel sad, while going to a fun and lively place like a park or amusement centre can make you feel happy. Your home office has the same effect on you, and if you have an old home office that doesn’t inspire you to go to work, you badly need a home office renovation. This article will guide you on what to do to make your home office renovation a success so you can get back in your groove and deliver excellent results at work.

How your work environment affects productivity

Home office renovation ideas to try

Maximise your storage options

Working in a clean and uncluttered environment can make you more productive because you know where everything is, and there’s no need to rummage through boxes of files or documents. On your next home renovation, put up more storage options like built-in cabinets so you can keep sensitive office documents safe. If you have limited space, you can opt for wall-mounted shelves that take up less space.

Build a mini studio

Turning your home office into a studio unit is an excellent way of ensuring you separate your work from your home life. You can renovate your home office and install a half toilet, so there’s no need to go to your bedroom toilet or communal toilet. You can also construct a kitchenette where you can reheat a meal or prepare snacks. The idea behind having a studio home office is to stay there from the start until the end of your office hours, fully separating your home and office life.

Contemporary home office

Some of us feel more productive working in an environment that doesn’t look like a typical office. If you are one of those, your home office renovation should focus on achieving a contemporary home office. Start by replacing your generic fluorescent lights with modern brass ceiling lights or chic wall-mounted pendant lights. You can repaint your walls with bright or pastel colours that inspire creativity and brings a positive vibe to your home office.

Home office + playroom

Working at home can be challenging for parents with small children, and one of the best ways to handle this is by creating a dedicated play area in your home office on your next home office renovation. Having a play area lets you work while keeping your child occupied. Ensure that the play area has a soft floor to make it comfortable to play on. You can replace your old floor with a carpet or line your floor with rubber mats. Install a partition made of glass or hard plastic so you can keep a watchful eye on your child while working.

How your work environment affects your productivity

Maintain an ideal temperature

Working in an environment that’s too cold or too hot is unproductive, making maintaining an ideal temperature critical for any home office. People feel sleepy when it’s too cold and uncomfortable when too hot. Make sure that your home office has proper ventilation. If you can, buy an automatic climate control system that keeps the temperature at an optimum level while you concentrate on your work.

Soundproof your home office

It’s hard to concentrate while working in a noisy neighbourhood, and the level of noise can affect your productivity. Noise can also prevent your creative juices from running, so a quiet home office is ideal. You can make your home office quieter by using heavy curtains or blinds. You can also replace windows with triple-pane glass that offers an additional layer of soundproofing. Another option is to use insulation that dampens sound so you can work in peace in your home office.

Make it bright and lively

A bright home office inspires creativity and can help give you positive energy as you tackle work. You can make your home office brighter by installing large windows that let in more natural light. Natural light can also make you feel livelier and prevent you from feeling sleepy during the day. On top of this, exposure to natural light during the day can help you sleep better during the night and can help relieve stress.

Useful Tips for Designing Office Space

How your work environment affects productivity – Final thoughts

When you work at home, your home office should make you feel productive, and a home office renovation can help transform your old office into an office you would love to work in every day. If you have an idea of how you want your home office to look, an expert like draftsman can help bring your ideas to life.

The designer can also help ensure that your home office is functional while looking like it belongs to a magazine. If you want to work on a home office that looks great and feels great to work in, get in touch with a home design expert and start your home office renovation today.

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