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Architecture Ideas to Decorate Your New Home Together

31 Aug 2020

Now that you do not have to worry about your wedding day anymore, you get to do something even better. You get to decorate your first home together as a married couple. But often this means more stress than fun. It truly represents a test of patience, love, and the ability to compromise. For things to go even more smoothly, we have a few useful tips for all of you newlyweds out there. Enjoy!

Architecture ideas to decorate your new home

The ultimate architecture ideas for newlyweds

  • Do not rush the decorating of the bedroom

The bedroom is perhaps the most sacred room in the whole house, especially when we are talking about newlyweds. Like the bed frame and that nice comfortable mattress, they are key elements for intimate moments. When it comes to intimacy in bedroom, Sleep Standards, a research-based site about sleep health and bedding products, recommends that couples should not rush the process. Instead, go over everything and discuss every detail. Invest in a high-quality mattress that fits both of your needs. The same rule applies for everything else – from the cushions and the bed set to the bedside tables and how big each of your wardrobes will be. Pace yourself and take all the time that you need while decorating this room. It will be worth it.

  • Focus on the color palette

One of the important things to consider is the color palette. To avoid any conflicts, take a minute to discuss each other’s favorite colors. Next, try to find a color palette that will find at least one to two of the chosen colors. This will be one of the first tests on the topic of compromising when it comes to decorating your new home.

Keep in mind that your home will be a place for both of you. As such, it needs to please both sides. Say your favorite color is pink, and your husband’s favorite color is green. Fitting both of these colors in your home will not be easy. But if you choose to compromise and find a shade of both pink and green that fit best together, there will be no reason for arguing.

  • Combine your collections

Moving into your new home, you will bring a lot more than your clothes and toiletries. Each of you will probably want to keep some, if not all, of your previous furniture, artwork, decorations, etc. This is again, time for some serious compromise. Go through all of the things that each of you has chosen to keep and see which of them fits together with one another.

Maybe it will be all of them or maybe none of them. And both of these possibilities are completely fine. You simply have to work together to decide what you plan on keeping. The other things can be easily donated or gifted to friends and family members. Plus, this would also allow you to buy some new decorations and furniture that you will choose and enjoy together.

  • Pick some accent pieces

When shopping for your new home, you can easily go overboard. Then, before you know it, your new home is crammed with too much stuff, stuff that you probably do not need. The reason why so many people fall in love with minimalism is the fact that it looks clean and is relaxing. Now, minimalism is not for everybody, but it is fun to follow some of its concepts.

We would recommend keeping the decorations to a minimum and choosing some accent pieces instead. May that be a luxurious sofa or a nice wooden table. Perhaps you have been eyeing a tall, golden lamp for that corner next to your TV. One of the best decisions that you can make is to invest in quality, timeless accent pieces.

  • Mix hard and soft materials

Similarly to how you were choosing your color palette, we would recommend choosing the materials that you will include in your new home. Discuss your favorite materials and choose which will go where. Maybe some nice wood for the living room and silk for the cozy bedroom. Perhaps some nice white marble for the kitchen or even the bathroom.

Or maybe you want to be more adventurous and mix those materials. Make some bold choices and let them speak out loud, just like your accent pieces would. Allow the combinations to be a mix of hard and soft – masculine and feminine, just like both of you are. That way, the materials and textiles can represent both of you at the same time.

Architecture Ideas to Decorate Your New Home Together Conclusion

So, you started decorating your new home, and you find out that you like different colors for the bedroom? Maybe you are into glass tables, and he likes a wooden table instead. What to do now, you ask? How will you ever decide anything? Be patient and use the tips that we have to offer. Consult another married couple or even a decorating professional if you have to. Most importantly, do not forget to enjoy the creation of your new home.

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