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Dusk Renderings – Architecture Discussion by David Jamieson

16 Apr 2012

Architecture Renderings

Spira Performing Arts Center, Sweden
Wingårdh Arkitektkontor
Architectural Presentation Spira performing arts center Jönköping
photograph : Åke E:son Lindman

In Jönköping in Sweden the competition winning Spira Concert hall by Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB was completed at the end of 2011. An elegant sinuous glass wall juts out into the Vattern Lake. Warm and sunny wood lined interior foyer spaces wrap around distinctive performance halls. It is the perfect regional cultural building: a considered response to an exceptional site with a building that is not trying too hard or to be iconic. The vertical stripes of orange and yellow in the facade match the colour of molten glass and subtly make reference to the local glass industry.

The Shoal Stratford, London, UK
Studio Egret West
The Stratford Shoal
photograph from architect

In East London the Stratford Shoal by architects Studio Egret West has completed. This is a public art piece, designed to disguise or distract the eyes of visitors to the London Olympics from a rather ordinary 1970s shopping centre. Essentially these are artificial trees with rather beautiful shimmering titanium leaf shapes attached to the top of steel branches.

Much criticism has already been made of the decision to force visitors to the Olympic Park through the new Westfield shopping centre and these shiny new trees seem to be part of a quiet process of erasing an uncomfortable piece of our architectural heritage. I thought this only happened in certain states where the route from airport to presidential palace has to be periodically purged of any untidiness. If you can’t get rid of the ugliness then install a few shiny baubles in front to disguise it.

Why don’t architects issue plans and sections any more with their press releases? Of the projects shown this last week there is a predominance of glowing renderings taken at twilight. Such is the reliance nowadays of the dusk photo or rendering that I am prompted to carry out some research to its origins as the favoured means of representation of the not-so-good building. I suggest that it is Julius Shulman in 1962 with his images of the Judge Residence in Hollywood and Los Angeles spread out twinkling behind it.

Macka Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey
EAA-Emre Arolat Architects
Macka Hotel Building
picture from architects

Dusk project 1: Macka Hotel, Istanbul, proposal by EAA-Emre Arolat Architects. This looks like it will be a good urban building and a distinctive local landmark with an active street front in an upmarket Istanbul suburb. The text that goes with the press release is definitely an example of why less is more when it comes to Architects’ writing about their work. EAA have some impressive projects on their website though not enough have them have been built. Let’s hope this hotel offers a new place to stay in Istanbul soon.

Beach and Howe Tower, Vancouver, Canada
Beach and Howe Tower Vancouver
picture from architects

Dusk project 2: Beach and Howe Tower Vancouver. Design proposal by New York and Copenhagen architects BIG. A look-at-me twisting 49 storey tower with top heavy structure that cunningly morphs from triangle to square.

Ian Gillespie the developer is reported as saying that the creative design will be a turning point for the city’s architecture, which he says is full of “background buildings.” Grand claims are made for this building including its sustainability credentials and the coining of the new term ‘Vancouverism’. We understand that BIG are challenging the zoning of the site to allow this size of building. Best of luck to them – great to see another Danish design firm succeeding abroad.

Fai-Fah, Bangkok, Thailand
Fai-Fah Bangkok Building
photo : Lin Ho

Dusk project 3: and proof maybe that the ad-men can do better images than architects, the Fai-Fah community building in Bangkok by Spark Design. Even if it resembles a little bit of Ai Weiwei’s birds nest stadium in Beijing this looks like a very useful community facility in a vibrant part of Bangkok.

David Jamieson

David Jamieson
photo of David Jamieson

This week’s guest editor David Jamieson is a practicing architect based in Scotland.

David Jamieson is a partner with ZONE Architects in Edinburgh.

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