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The Impact of Architectural Design on Real Estate Values

5 October 2023

Architectural design impact on real estate values

It is quite obvious that people always look for location, size, and amenities as well as good architectural design when evaluating a property.

Yes, you heard it right, architectural design also plays a huge role in determining a property’s worth.

Architectural design is the art and science of creating functional, aesthetic, and sustainable structures that have a profound impact on real estate values.

When properties are well-designed, they can create a positive experience for users and boost things like occupancy rates, longer leases, and rental income. On the flip side, if properties aren’t well-designed, it can lead to a bad user experience, which means lower occupancy rates and less rental income.

So, without any further ado, let’s explore how architectural design influences the value of properties and why it’s essential for both buyers and sellers to understand this relationship.

Architectural Design and Practicality

Reputable cash home buyers are increasingly valuing functional and sustainable design features while considering a property. Functional and practical design isn’t just about making a space look good; it’s about making it work well.

For example, if the property is in a hot area, having a swimming pool can really boost its value. According to recent research, adding a pool can increase a home’s worth by about 7%.

Similarly, if the property is in a colder area, having a fireplace adds about 5% to your home’s value.

Additionally, adding or emphasizing architectural features such as custom Woodward, decorative crown molding, ceiling beams, and an oversized window or door casing trim, can also add value to the property.

Architectural Design Shapes a Functional Space

Frankly speaking, no one wants to deal with limited space. That’s where architecture design comes in to figure out the best way to use space effectively while adding value.

A well-designed home that maximizes the use of available space can increase the home’s value by 12% and be highly appealing to buyers.

For example, in recent years, the need for a garage has increased, mainly because people want a place to turn into a home office. And, most buyers are looking for a garage to convert into a home office.

Research shows that, if done well, turning your garage into a home office can boost your home’s value by about 20%. So, if you’re planning to sell your house, consider designing your garage into a home office to attract more potential buyers.

When talking about space, how can we forget about the kitchen? The kitchen is like the heart of a home and when buyers are hunting for a new pace, it is one of the top things on their checklist.

Having a kitchen that’s practical, spacious, looks good, and is well-made is key to making your home appealing. Plus, it’s a smart move in terms of investment; a well-designed kitchen can really boost your property’s value.

In addition to that, the amount of usable space in a living room, bedroom, and bathroom also makes a world of difference when it comes to adding value to the property.

Architecture Translates to a Better Style and Atmosphere

Staging or designing your home is a way to give it a better styling and atmosphere. Basically, when you design a home, you’re removing your personal touch so that potential buyers can easily imagine themselves living there.

This not only helps the property to appeal to more buyers but also can add 10% to your sale price and sell the home 3 times faster.

Great architectural design can really create an ambiance by including elements that resonate with certain individuals. Take, for instance, choosing a new paint color for your room can totally change the vibe and even boost the home’s resale value.

So, when we talk about architectural design, we’re not just talking about aesthetics; we’re talking about making buildings better and more valuable. The impact of thoughtful design on a property’s market value cannot be overstated, as it not only appeals to a buyer’s sense of beauty but also to their desire for a functional and efficient living space.

However, it’s important to recognize that the real estate market is diverse, and not all sellers are looking to capitalize on the architectural merits of their property. In some cases, the priority may be a quick and straightforward sale due to various personal or financial reasons. For those in such situations, We Buy Houses Fast offers a viable solution, enabling homeowners to sell their properties swiftly, without the need for showcasing architectural design or waiting for the right buyer to appreciate the building’s quality. This service provides an essential option for sellers needing to expedite the sale process, ensuring they can move forward with their plans without delay.

Architectural Design Elevates Building Quality

Property architectural design style

Good architectural design enhances a building’s quality across the board. This quality upgrade translates into tangible benefits; from higher property values as much as 25% to increased rent and lower vacancy rates.

So, when we talk about architectural design, we’re not just talking about aesthetics; we’re talking about making buildings better and more valuable.

Indoor and Outdoor Architectural Design

You’d be surprised to know that even a simple interior makeover can increase your property’s worth by 5% to 10%. Minimalist and contemporary styles work great to add more value because they’re not only visually pleasing but also have broad appeal.

Adding furniture with character, installing statement lighting, giving the staircase an update, replacing the carpets with wood floors, boating storage, keeping the wires out of view, and some other little changes can do the trick to add value to your property.

Now, come to outdoor design. According to the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), a high-quality professional landscape design can increase a home’s price tag by 15% more at the time of resale.

Moreover, 70% of homebuyers are actually willing to spend extra cash for a house that has a well-maintained outdoor area.

Honestly, you don’t need to do anything extravagant with your outdoor space to add more value to your property; a small but well-kept backyard with some greenery, swapping out old hardware for newer, and adding inviting front porch furniture can make a big difference.

In Summary

The impact of architectural design on real estate values cannot be overstated. From functional considerations to upgrading indoor and outdoor spaces, ensuring better style and atmosphere, building quality architectural design plays a multifaceted role in property valuation.

A beautifully designed home can create a sense of awe and comfort in its inhabitants. It can also make a property feel like a place where memories are made.

So, if you want to boost your property’s value through architectural design, don’t hesitate to consider renovating and making some improvements to your space.

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