Aluprof solutions in scientific and technological buildings

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Modern systems supporting science – Aluprof solutions in buildings for scientific and technological institutions in Great Britain

15 May 2023

When we imagine universities, the first things that come to mind are century-old buildings that make up the most famous campuses in the world. Nevertheless, contemporary buildings tailored to the requirements of rapidly advancing technologies often serve scientific and technological purposes. Contemporary examples such as the National Robotarium in Edinburgh or the Institute in the Park in Liverpool, captivate us with their design and utilization of state-of-the-art construction solutions, incorporating technologies like Aluprof systems.

Aluprof solutions in scientific and technological buildings

Ecology, science and style – can they be combined?

Current trends in the construction industry bear no resemblance to the solutions used in past decades. Sustainable construction has become a mandatory approach when designing public utility structures with an elevated social consciousness and a growing concern for preserving the environment. It consists particularly of the selection of sustainable materials as well as a thorough analysis of the building to make it as energy-efficient as possible.

By implementing contemporary construction technologies and energy-efficient solutions, we are able to construct facilities that not only conserve energy but also have a positive impact on the natural surroundings of the local community. Additionally, these structures often enhance the beauty of the landscape.

Sustainable construction demonstrates that it is indeed possible to blend ecology captivating aesthetics that meet the most stringent ecological requirements and also look beautiful wherever they are located. As the following examples show, these buildings can also serve as scientific and technological hubs, influencing the advancement of our civilization.

Wadham College, Oxford, Great Britain. Systems used: MB-SR50N EFEKT
Wadham College Oxford - Aluprof solutions in scientific and technological buildings

Aluprof systems in university and higher education facilities

The allure of contemporary construction facilities lies in their design, excellence, and technological advancements. Aluprof, a well acclaimed manufacturer of aluminium glazing systems with a wide range of Passivhaus certified products and systems, plays a significant role in this regard. Apart from high-quality workmanship, all Aluprof systems incorporate the captivating modern style with the highest grade technical specifications that meet the most rigorous certification standards which makes their products and systems to be preferred in many environmentally conscious developments all over the world.

These factors have led the designers of contemporary technological campuses in Britain to take notice of Aluprof and opt for incorporating elements manufactured by Aluprof in their projects.

The National Robotarium

An excellent example is The National Robotarium located in Edinburgh. This facility is dedicated to development works on robotics and artificial intelligence, which may help people solve everyday problems in the future. The entire building is characterised by a large area of glazing illuminating the interior, which decreases the demand for artificial lighting. The designers have used MB-SR50N EFFEKT and MB-SR50N façades, which ensure a high thermal insulation coefficient, due to which the interior does not get hot even in the case of a high temperature outside. The appropriate insulation is supplemented by MB-86ST aluminium doors and windows, while fireproof glass partitions in MB-78 EI60 aluminium systems ensure user safety.

The National Robotarium, Edinburgh, Great Britain. Systems used: MB-SR50N EFEKT, MB-SR50N, MB-86 ST, MB78-EI60
National Robotarium Edinburgh - Aluprof solutions in scientific and technological buildings

Institute in the Park

The Institute in the Park is a development worth GBP 24 million, being part of the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool. There are laboratories, offices of university partners as well as training rooms and a library supporting education for future medical staff.

The facility particularly attracts attention due to its modern style and façade with timber fins, whose effect has been achieved thanks to the application of Aluprof solutions. The developer has also decided to apply durable MB-SR50N façades and MB-70HI doors and windows, whose characteristic element is high thermal insulation, allowing a number of savings in the operation of internal air-conditioning and heating systems.

Institute in the Park, Liverpool, Great Britain. Systems used: MB-SR50N, MB-70HI
Institute in the Park, Liverpool

Engineering and Science Library

The third facility using Aluprof systems which deserves attention is the Engineering and Science Library at the University of Nottingham. It is a project concerning the revitalisation of the existing building of the George Green Library, which involved the addition of a brand new façade. In this particular development, the designers made the decision to incorporate the versatile MB-SR50N solution. This choice enabled them to design the new section of the building with a ‘corrugated’ front wall, lending the entire structure a contemporary style while also providing additional space for library collections and expanding study areas for students.

Engineering and Science Library, Nottingham, Great Britain Systems used: MB-SR50N
Engineering and Science Library, Nottingham,

Rothera Research Station

The systems and products manufactured by Aluprof are not only used in the UK but also in preferred in the polar climate. MB-86 ST windows and doors (also SI and AERO versions) were used in Britain’s Antarctica research centre. At the Rothera Research Station, a completely new building for the crew, offering laboratories, relaxation facilities, workshops and medical points in an area of 4,500 m2, is about to be completed providing British scientists a working environment with maximum level of comfort and safety.

Rothera Discovery Building, Rothera, Antarctica. Systems used: MB-86 ST
Rothera Discovery Building, Rothera, Antarctica

Let’s build a better future

The implementation of sustainable construction solutions in the construction of contemporary ecological university buildings aids the construction and architecture industries in shaping a more promising future.

Structures designed for the education of future generations will play a vital role in uncovering solutions that promote a better quality of life on our planet, while effectively combating climate change.

Aluprof aluminium systems

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