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Add More Value to Your Luxurious Home Advice

12 Mar 2021

By now, it’s well known that home improvements help bolster the value of a house. According to Spring, even a quick lick of paint can increase the value of your home by 2%. But big boosts to property value aren’t just restricted to homes in need of renovation. Luxury homes can increase their value even further with some smart luxury projects. Thinking big and bold will help you add even more value to an already luxurious home.

Add More Value To Your Luxurious Home

Of course, a classic loft or kitchen conversion are two of the most well-known ways to add value to a home but the real trick to adding value is to work with spaces that are currently unused, which isn’t often the case with luxury homes. So what are some of the most valuable home additions that luxury homeowners could bring to their property?

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools have always been a desirable home feature and can sometimes add as much as £10,000 to the price of a home. But beyond simply installing one, there are certain ways to maximise the value of your pool. Placing the pool at a distance from the house, or in an annex of its own, will significantly boost its value. The less a pool feels like an obstruction and the more year-round use it holds, the greater potential it has to charm luxury home-buyers.

Home Spas

Hand in hand with a pool, a home spa adds that extra touch of luxury to an already luxurious home. Self-care is now in, making a home spa a desirable and fashionable home feature. You could develop your home spa around a pool or potentially incorporate it into the house. A home spa could be just the thing to boost your bathroom spaces. They are also great ways to create a natural setting for a jacuzzi.

Home Cinema

Perhaps relaxing and watching a film is the way you prefer to relax. In which case, you might prefer investing in a home cinema. But a home cinema is more than just a place to watch a film. Nowadays, people are streaming more tv shows, music and games than ever before. With integrated lighting, sound equipment, seating and screens, a home cinema can become a family media centre, the perfect way to make the most of a spare room and can set your house apart from the rest. In the age of streaming, a home cinema is no gimmick, but a strong long-term investment.

Add More Value To Your Luxurious Home

Gardens and Garages

Nowadays, homeowners and businesses alike are thinking more about their green spaces. According to Spring, a well-maintained and landscaped garden can boost property values by as much as 20%. For properties with lots of land, green spaces are bursting with potential.

As for garages, car ownership and luxury homes go hand in hand. As such, dedicated spaces like garagres are highly valued by homeowners, adding as much as 5% to a home’s value. But for luxury homes with more cars, a garage could take up too much outdoor space. However, an underground garage could be the perfect solution for a large luxury property. This gives you more space for vehicles without limiting the size of your garden. An underground garage could even leave you spare room above ground for another conversion project.

Can You Add Value to Your Luxurious Home Guide

There are many ways to add value to luxurious homes. And in recent years, many additions, like home spas and cinemas, have come into their own. But getting the most value out of these features is always about balancing your home improvements with the space available. Your improvements need to leave enough room and potential for home buyers to envision their own luxurious plans.

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