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post updated 15 July 2021

Swimming Pool Architecture

Swimming Pool Building Designs

The most famous pool in recent years was the Water Cube for the 2010 Olympics. Naturally the Aquatics Centre for the 2014 Olympics will also be notable, though compromised in design.

e-architect select what we consider to be the key examples of Swimming Pool Architecture. We aim to include Swimming Pool buildings / projects that are either of top quality or interesting.

We cover completed Swimming Pool buildings, new building designs and architectural exhibitions. The focus is on contemporary Pool buildings but information on traditional aquatic buildings is also welcome.

Swimming Pool Building – Latest Designs

Aquatic Architecture News arranged chronologically:

19 May 2013
Swimming pool K, Grimbergen, Flanders, Belgium
Design: dmvA
Swimming Pool Belgium
photo : Frederik Vercruysse
Swimming Pool in Belgium
The architects describe this design thus: “although the principal dreamt for years of a swimming pool in his small garden, he chose to renovate his 17th century gentleman’s house first. While the contractors were about to start the works, the uninhabited school building, adjoining his garden, was offered for sale”.

6 Mar 2013
Piscine Tourcoing, north east France
Design: Mikou Design Studio
Tourcoing Swimming Pool Building
picture from architect office
Tourcoing Swimming Pool Building
The architectural scheme aims to take advantage of this special urban setting through facilitating a variety of viewpoints of the building by breaking up the mass of the swimming pool hall. This alternation and modulation of volumes lightens the built mass by a play of visual counterpoints and opens the perception of depth towards the middle of the building.

6 Mar 2013
Piscine du Fort, Paris, northern France
Design: Mikou Design Studio
Issy-les-Moulineaux Swimming Pool
picture from architect
Issy-les-Moulineaux Swimming Pool

7 Feb 2013
Emser Therme – Thermal Baths in Bad Ems, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Thermal Baths Building
photo © David Matthiessen
Thermal Baths Buildings
4a Architekten extend their bathing repertoire: The Bad Ems Thermal Baths proves itself with its distinct character and high standards of comfort.

17 Sep 2012
Aqua Leisure Center in Val de Scarpe, Arras, north east France
Design: SAREA Alain Sarfati Architecture
Arras Aquatic Center Building
photo © ADAGP photographe Noelle Hoeppe
Aqua Leisure Center Arras
The Aqua Leisure Center in Val de Scarpe, Arras “puts a new twist on age-old pleasures, like a modern Tivoli”. After Quimper, Béthune, Laon and Bordeaux, S.AREA Alain Sarfati Architecture presents Aquarena.

23 Jul 2012
Koç Primary School Swimming Pool, Istanbul, Turkey
Erginoğlu & Çalışlar Architecture
Koç Primary School Swimming Pool
picture from architects firm
Koç School Swimming Pool
Considerably distant from the city center, the Koç School sprawled across its property without a master plan over time and thus was faced with the consequences of this expansion. Envisaged as the focal point of the campus, the pool building is designed as a pacesetter for the quality of future buildings and thus strives to contribute towards the architectural development of the campus.

23 Jul 2012
Ametlla de Mar, Catalunya, north east Spain
Design: Pich-Aguilera Architects
Catalonian Swimming Pool Building
photo : Simon Garcia • arqfoto
Catalonian Swimming Pool Building
The building consists of three rectangular buildings joined up by a lobby. The natural environment is built around the swimming pool. A lobby with access distributes the functioning spaces, towards the dressing rooms, with direct access to the pool and the other sporting spaces.

21 Apr 2011
C.N.I. Syrdall Schwemm Recreational Baths, Niederanven, Luxembourg
Design: 4a Architekten
Syrdall Schwemm Recreational Baths
picture : 4a Architekten
C.N.I. Syrdall Schwemm Recreational Baths
The new Syrdall Schwemm school and recreational baths in Niederanven has numerous attractions to offer, not only with its extensive range of bathing options – the sight of the distinctively designed building alone is food for discussion.

15 Aug 2011
London Olympics Aquatics Centre, England, UK
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
London Olympic Pool
photo : Hufton + Crow
London Aquatics Centre
The architectural concept of the London Aquatic Centre is inspired by the fluid geometries of water in motion, creating spaces and a surrounding environment that reflect the riverside landscapes of the Olympic Park. An undulating roof sweeps up from the ground as a wave.

22 Jun 2012
The Hurlingham Club, Outdoor Pool, London, England, UK
Design: David Morley Architects
Hurlingham Club Outdoor Pool
photo : Jarosław Wieczorkiewicz
The Hurlingham Club, Outdoor Pool
RIBA Awards 2012 Winner
The Outdoor Pool was commissioned to replace a pool complex started 80 years ago, now dilapidated but still much-loved by its members.
The new changing room building is larger than the original and adopts an elongated tear shape; it has long horizontal proportions, blue painted clap-board walls with white doors and pool accessories such as the large clock and life-saving rings.

Major Swimming Pool Building Design

Beijing Olympics – The Water Cube, China
Design: PTW with Arup
Water Cube
photo © Arup_Ben McMillan
Water Cube Beijing
National Aquatics Centre – Water Cube
Beijing Olympics Venue
ETFE bubble-pattern façade – Architecture Competition win 2003

Water Cube Beijing
photo © Arup_Ben McMillan

The National Aquatics Centre, also known as the ‘Water Cube’, will be one of the most dramatic and exciting sporting venues for the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. Enclosed within the blue bubble walls are five swimming pools, including a wave machine and rides and a restaurant, along with seating and facilities for 17 000 spectators.

Pool Buildings

Featured Pool Architecture, alphabetical:

Annemasse Aquatic Centre, France
Design: Serero Architects
Annemasse Aquatic Center
image from architect
Annemasse Aquatic Centre Building

Canterbury School Aquatic Center, USA
Design: Butler Rogers Baskett Architects
Canterbury School Aquatic Center
image from architect
Canterbury School Aquatic Center, Milford

Kalvebod swimming pool, Denmark
Design: PLOT / BIG
Kalvebod Swimming Pool Building
photo © Adrian Welch
Copenhagen Swimming Pool Building

Kildeskovshallen, Gentofte, Denmark
Design: Entasis
Gentofte Swimming Pool Building
image from architect
Gentofte Swimming Pool Building

Lago Segrino building, Italy
Design: Studio di architettura Marco Castelletti
Lago Segrino building
photo : Filippo Simonetti – Brunate
Lago Segrino bathing establishment

Marinha Grande Swimming Pools, Portugal
Marinha Grande Swimming Pools
picture from architects
Marinha Grande Swimming Pools

Oostduinkerke Swimming Pool, Belgium
Design: Dierendonckblancke architecten
Oostduinkerke Swimming Pool
image from architect
Oostduinkerke Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool het Marnix, Amsterdam
Design: Mecanoo architecten
Amsterdam Sports building
photo © Adrian Welch
Amsterdam Sports building, Holland

More Aquatic architecture projects online soon

Aquatic Architecture

Other Aquatic Facilities, alphabetical:

Barcelona Olympic Swimming Pool – Piscina Municipal de Montjuïc, Spain
Barcelona Olympic Swimming Pool
photo © Isabelle Lomholt

Kastrup Sea Bath, Copenhagen, Denmark
White Arkitekter
Kastrup Sea Bath
photo : Åke E:son Lindman

Olympic Swimming Arena, Berlin, Germany
Dominique Perrault Architectes

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Nou Camp Stadium

Emirates Stadium

O2 arena

Man Utd Stadium

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