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9 Things You Should Expect On Moving Day

21 May 2021

Moving is a major undertaking that must be planned for in advance. However, no matter how much you plan ahead of time, moving day will still be hectic since those tasks must be completed on the day of the shift. We all can agree moving is stressful but it can be made a lot easier if you keep the following things in mind.

9 things you should expect on moving day
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Here are few important things to remember on moving day:

1. Make a checklist of things to do:

Moving day is a really busy day. There are so many last-minute chores to do that it can be difficult to maintain track of them all. Having a to-do list prepared can help you stay centered and recall what needs to be completed. This will mean that little is overlooked.

2. Begin as soon as possible:

Begin the day early on moving day, with the movers coming early and too many last-minute details to attend to. Be sure you’re waiting for the movers when they come. Before you begin packing, make sure that all of your boxes are closed and ready. Oh, and don’t sit up all night, or even late at night, loading last-minute products. Instead, go to bed on schedule, have a full night’s sleep, and get up early to complete your tasks. You’ll be rested for moving day and done by the time the movers come.

3. Charge Your Cell Phone:

Before moving day, make sure your phone is completely charged. This isn’t just a frivolous extra; it’s really very important. You’ll need your phone to stay charged during the day. With no landline to fall back on, and since you’ll be on the way out of your old house and not even in your new one, your mobile phone is essential for making plans, communicating with movers and child care providers, and so on.

4. Make arrangements for a babysitter:

Moving day is a busy day because there is so much to do: last-minute packing, laundry, negotiating with movers, and so on. Having your children underfoot would not only deter you from what you need to get finished, but your children will not be well cared for and you will be too distracted to tend to them. Having children around is also risky; with all the furniture and boxes being moved, they could be injured.

Make plans for a family member, neighbor, or babysitter to watch your children. Ascertain that they can transport your children to their residence and look for them there. This would give you the flexibility you need to do what you need to do but still ensuring that they are well provided for and not forgotten on moving day. Don’t worry; you’ll pick them up at the end of the day, when all the tension has subsided, and offer them some special TLC and hugs before they go to bed.

5. Prepare Food and Drinks:

Pack a suitcase or package of food and snacks to keep you going on the moving day. Include beverages because moving day is strenuous and staying hydrated is critical. Energy drinks will also help you stay energized during the day. Feature snacks and meals that are rich in protein and calories but are simple to consume on the go. Protein bars, cheese, and almonds are also healthy choices.

6. Save an Essentials Bag for Moving Day:

Pack a suitcase with the necessities for relocation day and the day after. It should provide anything you might require during the transfer as well as the morning after. Include your cell, battery, pocket, and other sensitive things, papers, or valuables that you may not want to be left in the vehicle. Include a change of clothes, pajamas, and toiletries for the night and day after the move. Anything that you need right away should be included, since unpacking will take some time.

7. Have cleaning supplies on hand:

On moving day, have cleaning supplies, rags, and disinfectant pads on hand. This would be useful for some last-minute cleaning in your previous residence. Furthermore, the disinfectant pads can be useful for removing germs from your hands on the go before feeding.

8. Get some cash on hand for tips:

Be sure you have enough cash on hand to tip the movers. Moving all of your boxes and furniture is a lot of work; tipping the staff is important. However, you won’t have time to get cash on moving day, just make sure you take care of things ahead of time.

9. Take Photographs of Utilities and Electronics:

Photograph the connections of your electrical equipment. This will assist you with making the move to your new house. Instead of attempting to work out how to link them, you’ll simply look at your videos, set it up, and be done in no time. Even, before leaving the house, photograph your water and gas meters. This way, when you get your final payment, you will know if it is right. Technology has come a long way, it is smart to utilise it.

9 things you should expect on moving day Conclusion

For too many items to pack, it’s possible to forget everything, and after you’re gone, it’ll be difficult to bring things back. So, before you go, double-check everything. Examine both cabinet and wardrobe. Hopefully, these tips will make your moving less stressful.

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