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7 Challenges of Moving to a New State

post updated February 16, 2024

7 challenges of moving to a new state
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Relocating to a new state is as exciting as it is stressful. While you cannot wait to start over, expand your social life, and experience a new culture, moving to a new state also means leaving your family and friends and learning the new environment. Read on for seven more challenges you will likely face when relocating to a new state and how to overcome them.

27 February 2023

1.   Selling your current home

One of the most significant challenges as a homeowner when moving to a new place is selling your current home. Be sure to hire an experienced realtor, make necessary repairs, declutter and deep clean the space, and price your home fast while getting the most out of your sale. Alternatively, sell your house to a cash buyer. This will help you bypass the hassle of preparing your home for sale, marketing it, and hosting showings. With a cash homebuyer, you can close the deal in weeks, giving you plenty of time to move and settle in the new state.

2.   Finding a new home to live

Relocating to a new place does not solely entail giving up your current property. You further have to find a suitable home for your family. This can be difficult when the new state is unfamiliar to you.

List everything you need in your ideal home, including space, neighborhood, security, and amenities. Next, find a reputable realtor to help you choose an area tailored to your needs. Read online reviews and testimonials from potential realtors’ existing customers to hire the right person for the job. If you intend to find a perfect home without first visiting the new city, choose a real estate agent who can provide a virtual tour of listed properties to help you make an informed decision.

3.   Choosing the best long-distance movers

It is possible to move boxes and furniture by yourself if you are just changing neighborhoods and have many friends. However, moving by yourself can be difficult when relocating to a new state, necessitating hiring long distance relocation carriers. With so many moving companies in the market, choosing the right long-distance mover can be time-consuming and challenging.

Read online reviews or ask your real estate agent, friends, and family for recommendations to a reliable and trustworthy interstate moving company. You might even choose to have your car shipped to your new state.

4.   Finding the right school for your children

If you are moving to a new state permanently or for an extended period and have kids, you also have to consider enrolling them in a new school. This can be challenging because you have to research the school buildings to choose the best one for your child. After selecting a school, you further need to visit it and have your child give interviews before completing other new school admission formalities. You also have to worry about whether or not your child will adjust to the new school’s environment after admission.

Conduct in-depth research and interact with the new state’s local people to get recommendations for the best schools. You could even make friends with neighbors with school-going kids. Next, admit your children to the same schools as your neighbors to make adjusting to the new environment easier for your baby.

5.   Learning about the new city and culture

Every state has its unique culture, eccentricities, and attractions, and it can be challenging to learn and discover them for some time. While you will likely learn more about the culture and the new city as you continue to live there, getting a head start before you relocate is best. Be sure to find as much information as possible about the new city on the internet. You could even tour the state before the moving date to explore and get a feel of your new home.

6.   Commuting

You may have difficulties navigating the transport system, especially if you move to a big city. You must familiarize yourself with the bus routes and schedules to commute effectively. You may also have to purchase a new car and factor gas and maintenance costs into your budget.

Be sure to leverage GPS and  Google maps to learn the new city and avoid wasting time during transportation or spending more fare than you should. You could also hire UBER cabs to reach your destination and learn the roads before relying on your personal car.

7.   Making new friends

Making friends in a new city can be overwhelming, especially if you are an introvert. Set yourself up to meet new people and make friends by taking on new hobbies such as yoga, bowling, playing tennis or golf, and painting.

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Relocation can be difficult, especially when moving to an unfamiliar state or city. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the challenges you will likely face when moving to enable you to handle difficult situations when they arise.

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