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8 amazing wall-decor ideas to refresh your space

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18 Oct 2023

8 amazing wall-decor ideas to refresh your space
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We have all wanted to change things up in our house. It is human nature to get bored of the same surroundings. The easiest way to refresh your space is by playing around with the longest wall in your house.

Most living rooms have a large wall that is begging for a change. This room in your house gets the most attention from you and your visitors. Hence, focus all the renovations on this one to stay under budget.

Once you decide to see your plan through, you come across a million ideas. The possibilities are almost endless. Setting one design can be difficult. Hence, it is best if you do your research beforehand. Not much can be changed once you have implemented an idea halfway.

We have prepared a list of ideas you can experiment with your wall decor. Continue reading for some refreshing ideas.

1) Play with colors

Most people prefer keeping their rooms neutral. Only the most daring can opt for a bold-colored wall in their lounge. There are uncountable ways you can make your it stand out.

Giving the paint some texture using a sponge or texturing compound. Some DIY techniques also include putting textured paper over a paint roller. You do not have to apply new paint to do this. Instead, texture can be added over the old paint to save cost and effort.

Ensure that you do not try too hard to achieve perfection yourself. Hiring a painting contractor is the best decision for someone with little experience. It might add to the expenditure, but a good paint job will last years.

Murals are all the hype currently. You will find a plethora of ideas online to design your mural. It also allows you to take the artwork in whichever direction you want. They are fun to create and will be a statement in the house.

Remember to choose an appropriate color scheme no matter which one of these techniques you select. It should tie in well with the furniture, carpet, and curtains.

2) Add floating shelves

Long walls are difficult to cover. Installing a few shelves will instantly change the look of your place. It is better to choose floating shelves over standing ones. The latter makes a room look compact and takes up a lot of floor space.

Floating shelves are a more minimalist and modern way to refresh the space. You can put books, decorative pieces, and small potted plants to style them. People now place a lot of emphasis on how they position items on shelves.

Color-coordinated magazines and simple showpieces will give a chic look. Do not worry if the books you own do not match the aesthetic. You can wrap them in black, white, or any other colored paper to fix the problem.

3) Mirror it up

This tip is especially helpful for those who have a small room. Mirrors make a place look bigger and bring in more light when placed opposite a light source. It is a quick way to decorate your wall. All you have to do is determine the correct size for your room.

Choose a wider mirror if the ceiling is too high. Even smaller mirrors organized in rows can give a modern look. A full-length vertical mirror is perfect if you wish to fill up an empty corner.

4) Make it an art gallery

It is in your hands to make this art gallery as small or as extensive as you want. It can also lie anywhere in the price range based on your choices. For example, the expensive option could be to buy an original or high-end piece of art and hang it up. Budget-friendly options include purchasing a coordinated set of printed pictures that can be pasted to achieve a specific aesthetic.

You can even buy framed pictures if your wall is too big to be covered by a single art piece. Frame pictures with similar patterns and places them without a set order. It will give an effortless yet put-together look.

5) Hang a world map

This trend has been here for a handful of years. However, it has not lost its charm. Hanging a world map is a cool way to decorate your wall. Some people even choose to put wallpapers with the map.

An avid book reader might also be influenced into marking meaningful places by some characters. Fairy lights around the map will illuminate it, bringing the attention it deserves.

6) Take help from nature

Bringing plants inside always gives your house a fresher feel. They work perfectly if you wish to achieve a clean look. Purchase plants that hang down as they grow. You can put them over a shelf and let them flow for a fuller look.

However, ensure that you have adequate knowledge and time to take care of the plants. Opt for fake ones if you do not want the hassle of watering them regularly. Even though fake ones might not look good, they are better than lifeless real leaves.

Do your research to find the best indoor plants that are also low maintenance.

7) Wood paneling

This project might be more time-consuming than any other mentioned above. But the result is worth it. Use light wood to cut our panels and attach them to your walls. You can do this to cover your entire wall or just half of it. Both will look great.

It is better to use horizontal panels since they create the illusion of a higher ceiling. Even contemporary panel designs like large boxes help break the monotony.

Color the panels according to the aesthetic of the room. Black, white, and grey are common picks for this project.

8) Add fixtures

Statement fixtures and a great way to make a room look more put together. Even long-arched lamps can cover a decent area of the wall. Ensure that all these pieces have a finish that complements the room. Mixing gold, silver, and black wall fittings will give a messier feel.

Modern houses are opting for minimalistic black pieces to match the vibe.


It is safe to say that the availability of so many options has made decision-making harder. Remember to choose a project that is convenient in terms of time and money. Moreover, do not obsess over perfection. Decorating is all about having fun. Experiment with different styles and colors to make a bold statement. Playing safe might not lead to any significant changes. Isn’t that disappointing?

This article was sent to us by

‘david kane’ [email protected]

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