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Selecting the Right Storage Cabinets for Your Kitchen

3 Nov 2019

Selecting Right Kitchen Storage Cabinets

Kitchen Storage Cabinets Guide

So, you have been thinking about renovating your kitchen. You, however, are not sure of what to remove and what to add. Your kitchen is the center of your home. This is where a lot of good things happen, and you, therefore, need to make it as cozy and welcoming as possible.

A kitchen makeover will do you good to help you do away with clutter and create a lively and welcoming space. With a well-designed kitchen, you will always be looking forward to getting back home so you can cook for your family, and there is no better way to keep them happy than through a well-prepared meal.

However, kitchen renovation requires a lot of creativity, and you should also be willing to put in some work and money to achieve the style that you are looking for. While there is a lot you can decide to add or change in your kitchen, the first and most important aspect is storage. Your space cannot be operational without a sound storage system, and luckily, with providers like Schmidt, you will have everything you need for your home, all from fitted wardrobes to kitchen cabinets.

The main challenge comes in selecting the best storage cabinets for your kitchen, and in this article, we will outline the top tips to consider during your selection for the right kitchen storage cabinets.

Set your budget

Remember that you are about to renovate your house and that means that you need enough money for every part of it. Do not be so focused on the kitchen cabinets that you end up forgetting other aspects around the kitchen. The best way to ensure that you do end up in deficit is to work with a budget.

Determine how much you can comfortably pay for the cabinets, and from there, it will be easier for the designer to help you choose the designs that will fit in it. Before you embark on the renovation, you should at least take time to save so you will have enough to cater to quality items. You do not want to end up with poor quality due to financial limitations. Set a budget and take your time to save until you reach your set goal.

Think of the wood type and color of the cabinets

You probably have a dream cabinet color and finish your mind, but the issue comes in selecting the wood type. It is recommendable that you choose the best quality wood because, after all, the goal is to have something that can serve you for the longest time.

As earlier mentioned, kitchen renovations can be quite costly, and you do not want to keep going back for repairs and replacements. Get the best quality wood, rest assured that you will take you years before it calls for replacement. When it comes to color selection, you should consider the color of everything else around the kitchen to ensure that everything blends in just fine.

Select the cabinet style

Most individuals are torn between framed and frameless cabinets. The style depends on your personal preference and also the size of the kitchen. For example, framed cabinets entail a box and face frame where drawers and doors are attached while frameless, on the other hand, misses the face frame meaning that the drawers and the doors are attached directly to the cabinet box.

If you are after a contemporary look, the latter will do while those after a more modern look should go for the framed cabinets. Again, this may be determined by the size of the kitchen in regards to the size and number of cabinets you want.

Put both beauty and fashion in mind

The goal is to have a lively and cozy kitchen, but you also want the cabinets to play their intended role. For example, you may decide to have the cabinets installed under your countertops instead of the shelves. It is creative, makes the kitchen classy and elegant, and still, the cabinets create enough storage space for you. They can play both roles, as storage and decoration.

Add some design

The design entails three main things; the finish, lighting, and features. It would be great if you added some lighting aspect to ensure that once you open the drawers, you can see everything in them. With the finish, look for the dark-colored finishes such as brown, chai, or grey. You may also opt for neutral colors like white. When it comes to features, consider the accessibility of the drawers, interior functionality, and door styles. The aim is to eliminate physical strain while increasing storage space.

With these tips, you will undoubtedly end up with the best quality kitchen cabinets to meet your needs and budget. Do not forget to look for a reputable and reliable provider. You may think you have everything figured out, but without the right service provider, everything is bound to turn out messy.

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